Bugaboo Strollers

My stroller definitely sparks JOY. You guys know me and my love of colour so naturally when it came to picking a stroller for Yianni and now for the both of them Bugaboo was my top pick. I love all the interchangeable canopy’s. When I found out Georgia was going to be a girl I was pretty excited about the double stroller in the blue + pink (my fave colour duo). During those 7am walks to get coffee seeing the bright hues always puts a smile on my face! Colour aside, it moves like a dream, very easy to collapse into single stroller and back to a double stroller. Most of my friends when they push this love it and say how easy it moves. Thankful to be a Bugaboo Partner as I believe wholeheartedly in these strollers!


Aden + Anais

Baby Blankets! Especially during those first few months these were constantly on rotation. I not only love the patterns of the Baby Blankets but they are so incredibly soft. We also love these thicker blankets, they are a little heavier and now that Georgia is a little older when I drape one on her at nap time it soothes her instantly. They also always feel cool which is wonderful!


The Everyday Mother | Baby Tracker

I love a good Baby Tracker! With Yianni we tracked everything, every time. I will admit with Georgia we kinda fell off the wagon a little bit with tracking everything. Between her colic + reflux and having a toddler running around I didn’t track as much as I did with Yianni BUT when I did, this tracker was by far my favourite I’ve used. So much space to customize and input everything.

This was created by Jackie after she gave birth to her son Little Richie. He weighed 2lbs and 2oz and was delivered at 26 weeks. His birth saved both his and Jackie’s lives after Jackie had developed HELLP Syndrome (when Jackie reached out to me she instructed NOT to google unless you’re familiar as it’s scary, rare, and time on the internet is better spent on Pinterest!). Their family spent 99 days in the NICU and miraculously both her and little Richie are now both doing well. It was during their stay in the NICU that The Everyday Mother was born.

If you know a mama who is expecting this it would make the most beautiful gift she will use, love, and then cherish for years to come.


Solly Baby Wrap

I love this wrap and had hopes that Georgia would be a wrap/swaddle baby since Yianni had about a 10 min threshold for being in it (even though he was the cuddliest baby). Georgia LOVES being upright and on the go, she wants to be held but not cuddled or smothered. This was perfect. The days we were home just us two I’d stick her in as I did some house chores. Love this wrap for 0-6 months as you can control how close and tight she is to you.


Hatch Baby Sound Machine & Night-Light

This was gifted to us from our best friends after seeing how much we were struggling with keeping Georgia calm with her colic. She would only calm down with white noise and they said this was the best sound machine. They weren’t wrong – it is the BEST. Within a week we ordered a second one off Amazon for Yianni. It connects to your phone through the app and you can control everything from sound to the colour of the light and brightness. Yianni loves choosing what colour he has every night, his sound of choice is light rain. We keep it soft but it muffles the sound from the rest of the house (especially when G wakes up). I love that it controls the sound. When we’d get G to sleep the white noise was loud but I didn’t want it loud for the entire nap so we’d slowly lower it from the phone vs. going back in the room and risk waking her up!


Aleeva Naturals Baby Wipes

My favourite wipes. I’ve tried every brand and I always kept coming back to these ones! I used to by them from our local drugstore by the condo – when we moved to our new house no one carried them. That’s when I found them on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. We buy them in bulk and save! (2019 has definitely been the year Amazon Prime has become my BBF and MVP of our house).


Snuggle me organic

If you’ve been following along via INSTA you’ll know how much we loved our snuggle me organic. Another incredible brand and product created by a fellow mama. I’m waiting for the adult ones! We’d take this everywhere with us so Georgia could nap. It kept her cozy and snuggled and I’d cozy up right next to her too. Another must-have for new mama’s!


Robe from Pink Blush Maternity

During those long early days with a newborn it was so nice to have something a little luxurious to put on. Its so soft and cozy and even now 9 months in I’m stilling grabbing to wear it weekly.

Pink Blush Maternity also has so many wonderful maternity clothing, be sure to check them our if you’re expecting!


Roses & Polkadots Boutique – BOWS

Little girls and their bows! I love this shop with ETSY. They have so many wonderful colours and are by far our favourite! Stock up on these babies, it’s so fun to complete her outfits with a little bow!


Fisher Price Swing

I can’t help but shake my head when I think back to my thinking with Yianni vs. now with Georgia. I was all about buying the coolest (and prettiest) baby things. I remember seeing this swing and thinking oh gosh, what an eyesore! You guys….if you take NOTHING else from this list of products this is the ultimate MUST HAVE for all new parents. After weeks of colic and reflux and barely getting any sleep (I was passing out every other day from exhaustion) my cousin told us to come get this swing and to give it a go. I had tried everything – she’d scream everywhere we’d put her during those first 2 months. Ko picked up the swing and came home. We stuck her in, started to swing it (full blast) and held our breaths and….silence. Ko and I looked at each other wide-eyed – SUCCESS. That day she napped for two hours in the swing, first time ever. The next day the same thing. This swing SAVED us. As I asked around it appeared everyone who has this swing SWEARS by it. So yes, this is a muuuuust have for all new mamas!



I fell in love with this brand after having Yianni. His Godmother got him the Panda Backpack and lunch box. Since then we’ve continued to buy and gift their products. Here are some of my top picks!

Diaper Bag

I feel in love with this Skip Hop Bag while at a store. I love that it could be a backpack and a cross body (thought we’d never use it as a cross body – its always on backpack mode). I love that the compartments are large and easy to store a ton of stuff and the middle part is large enough for me to keep enough changes of clothes, small toys and snacks for TWO kiddos. Love this bag, it was a great purchase!


Activity Centre

This is by far my favouirte on the market right now. We’ve tried a ton and this has helped Georgia strengthen her legs from just 4 months with the wobbly botton. I love that it will become a table when she grows out of it. I’m all about the multi-purpose baby items that can change and grow with them!


Fanny Pack with style

Ok you guys, RUN don’t walk to get this. I use this daily, and get asked ALL the time where I got it from – my friends were shook when I told them it was Skip Hop! It fits so much for such a small little bag – it’s my favourite!


Lunch Box/Back Pack

Aside from the diaper bag, we use these backpacks all the time for shorter outings when were hoping in and out and don’t need to carry a lot. I love all the animals! Georgia has the Ilama and Yianni has the Panda (we were also a gifted a Dragon from Skip Hop which he loves for visiting grandma and grandpa!)



Let me tell you, this mat is a comfy cloud! It’s so soft and fun to play on and I love the illustration + colours. Every morning we play on this in the playroom, I know Georgia is protected in case she topples over and I don’t catch her in time and Yianni drives his cars around them. I won’t lie, I lay there on my back as they play around me and every time think about how comfortable it is!


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  • Leah Sandhu says:

    I think evrey parent has that product that we cant live without, especially when it comes to sleep! Our was/is the dock-a-tot. Love this list!