Even though ‘summer’ is only weeks away, here in Toronto it still feels like we haven’t kicked ‘winter’ to the curb just yet.  Like most people, every spring/summer I get the itch for fresh starts, beautiful blooms and spring cleaning. I LOVE organizing. We’ve been tackling our home slowly for months and though we’re not completely finished our place is finally starting to feel like we have some level of order (as much order as you can with two kids that is).

This post is created in collaboration with Lenox, and features the Delphi Collection from Brain Gluckstein by Lenox.  My husband and I have been fans of Brian Gluckstein since before we got married.  Our bed sets (that everyone always asks about in our family bed series on Instagram) are from his line.  Naturally when they emailed me to partner I was very excited.

Our condo was very much a studio + living space.  Now that we have a home and my work areas are confined I asked Ko if he had any preferences when it came to decor.  He’s a really easy going guy and usually is good with whatever ideas I have but this time he said ‘Actually can we incorporate more Greek design?’ I loved that.

When I saw these plates from the Delphi Collection I got so excited!  I didn’t tell Ko I picked them but when they arrived and he opened them I could see his face perk up looking interested – eyeing the plates – finally he said ‘Babe, wow, I really the pattern on these plates!’ We love this design,  and can’t wait to enjoy more Greek coffee’s in cup and saucer set all spring/summer long!

SO, what’s all this have to do with a spring bucket list? Well, while we were unpacking these plates for this collaboration the topic came up about when / how we would use them.  Naturally it went ‘for a special occasion’ and then I stopped and thought – wait why? We always save our fancier things for ‘special occasions’ that come only a few times a year.  Everyday is a special occasion so these babies are not being stored away anytime soon.  Let’s use and enjoy them.

Then we got to thinking about what we should do to celebrate the new season and that our house is finally starting to come together (we moved last year while I was pregnant with G).

First thing that came to mind was inviting our close friends over for a fun breakfast or ‘linner’.   After being cooped up in our homes all winter long we love hosting all spring/summer long to make up for those long cozy seasons where no one really likes going out.

Once we decided to do this, I started to get even more excited for the water months ahead and the conversation quickly tuned into what else we’re hoping to do this season….

PS. We are giving away a copy of this beautiful Gluckstein home coffee table book over on my Instagram

What’s on your bucket list for this season?