Thrilled to bring you all one of the loveliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of photography – Linda! Linda is one of those people who immediately makes you feel good. She has such a beautiful calm presence that just makes you want to be near her. I joked after our first chat that she needs to record a children’s book because her voice is so relaxing to listen to!

I was intrigued when i first met Linda since I’ve never met a celebrant before. I had so many questions and with each answer it just made me adore her that much more.

Little did I know a few years later my sister in law would hire her to be the officiant of their wedding! I was thrilled when I learned this and looked forward to seeing Linda in action first hand. She didn’t disappoint. My sister and brother in laws wedding was absolute perfection. Linda personalized the entire ceremony around them, their love story and journey as a couple. I was holding back tears more than once.

Linda has that rare gift that makes people feel comfortable to be their true selves. It was a joy to capture these images for her.

Linda – take it from here!

5 reasons to choose a Life-Cycle Celebrant as your Wedding Officiant

You Desire a One-of-a-Kind Ceremony

You’ve gone to great lengths to infuse your personality throughout your special day and you want a ceremony that puts your unique love story front and centre. As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I don’t use any templates, I don’t fill in the blanks and I certainly don’t just show up and read! What would be the fun in that? Instead, every ceremony I write and deliver is custom-crafted for the individual couple that stands in front of me. Every component of your ceremony is conceived only after I get to know you (and the possibilities are endless!). You can share your love story, honor your family, pay tribute to your heritage, and include music and reading that best illuminate your personalities. You can include rituals with centuries of history – like the unity candle – or create a one-of-a-kind original elements. You can write original vows that reflect the promises that matter to your marriage. There are no rules!

Being In Complete Control (With No Surprises) Is Important

On your wedding day, some surprises (like anything sparkly) are welcome while others, not so much. When you work with a Life-Cycle Celebrant such as myself, you have final approval over every aspect of your ceremony. Life-Cycle Celebrants are trained to focus on the values and priorities of the clients so that the ceremony is a reflection of you and your uniqueness. I never bring my personal beliefs into the process of designating your wedding therefore nothing is ever imposed on you, giving you complete control from beginning to end.

You Believe the Ceremony Is More Important Than the Flavour of Your Cake

Don’t get me wrong: I love cake. Really, I do (especially lemon buttercream frosting). But your ceremony, your vows and the way you, your fiancé and your guests feel during your ceremony will endure long after your gorgeous wedding cake has been devoured. Unique and personal love ceremonies that create connections and evoke emotions are the heart of your wedding day and will bring you, your family, and your friends a lifetime of memories.

Partnering with a Ceremony Specialist Just Feels Right

Life-Cycle Celebrants are experts in ceremony design and creation and the art of ceremonial public speaking. I have been rigorously trained in the history of ritual and ceremony and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs, and religions. I believe in the power of ceremony and bring that passion to you when creating a ceremony that reflects your beliefs, backgrounds and personalities.

Digging Deep Makes You Happy

The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day and so yes, a little digging is required to produce an experience that is memorable and authentic. And, the process itself can emotionally help to prepare and transport you with intention throughout the next chapters of your love story. A creatively written and beautifully delivered wedding ceremony can help set the stage for a deep and thriving marriage.


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