I wanted to add in a new section to these monthly faves posts where I write out my goals for next month and what I’m working on.  When I was looking over the feedback you guys gave me on what you wanted to see more of a lot of you said more behind the scenes of your business and life.  I’ve always been a very goals oriented person this is going to be a fun way to give you guys a glimpse into what I’m working on and how I’m keeping up with my goals.  Next month, I’ll go over these goals next & talk about how I did / how they went before setting 3 new goals.  I hope you guys will join in with me and we can all stay accountable together! Here it goes:



  1. Focus, focus, focus – I’ve been craving more focus during my workdays.  In September we are doing a re-launch of all our mini travel print packs – there is so much to do for this project and there’s no time to waste getting distracted.  J is starting pre-school part time so that means I’ll have 5 working days for a few months before bebe girl arrives.  I need to be laser focused during the good 5-6 hrs I have.
  2. Launch of our NEW print packs – We’ve been sold out for months and now that I have an amazing graphic designer as part of the AWL Squad we’ve re-designed the back and I’m so excited to launch our new packs (plus adding more packs from our Greece collection too).  We have a LOT to do before the launch, packaging, shooting all the marketing materials etc but I’m thrilled to be back at it – I know a lot of you are waiting for these!
  3. Get at least 6 new blog posts up – I revisited some old polls I did with you guys from Instagram on what you wanted to see more of.  It got my so energized and motivated to create the content you want to see! Coming up this month we have lots of helpful and highly requested blog posts coming.


  1. Nesting Month – It’s time to tie up all loose ends in the house – We’ve been living here for about two months now and we kinda stopped being productive.  Rooms were unpacked, things were haphazardly placed and everything looked “good enough” to function.  We made a massive list in my Asana (under Project Home) and went room by room on what needs to be done.  September is all about nesting and getting things properly set up in our new home.  Main rooms? Family Room, My Office, Master Bedroom + Bath and J’s room.
  2. Night-time Routine – I’ve let this slip a lot these last few months, I cannot believe I haven’t taken a bubble bath yet especially now that I HAVE a bath.  Looking forward to working in a bit more self-care time at nights at least once a week.
  3. Long walks – Before we know it winter will be here and i’m going to miss being able to go outside and on long walks as a family.  J loves it and Ko and I usually have the best conversations during these walks – its a nice refresh and reset for us so this month I want to take at least 3 evening walks as a family a week.
  4. J’s Baby Book – Yes, I still haven’t finished it or put it together and its one of the MAIN things I want to get done before bebe girl arrives so let’s stick this here so I can make some progress on it this month!

and one thing I need to improve on (enter hashtag #workingonit)

Consistency.  This is something that keeps coming up in all my conversations with my nearest and dearest.  Sure, there has been a LOT going on these last few months but I’ve fallen out of my groove and my lack of consistency with my blog, social media and projects has been really getting to me.  So this is what I’m going to work on everyday for the next month.  Being consistent. Showing up. Doing the work. Getting back on track.

Lets do this! Now onto my favourites…it’s been a while since I did a round up so lots to list from the last few months.  These are all things I’ve been truly loving and enjoying.


First things first – life has been filled with all things new home these last few months so I have a lot of “home” favourites I’ve been coveting!

Riviera Counter Stools by Serena and Lily

Okay you guys, I don’t think I’ve ever loved chairs as much as these pretties! I’ve had these on my wish list for a few years and was waiting patiently till we got a home (and a blue kitchen).  I wanted our kitchen to feel light – with a bit of that Parisian bistro flare. I also love that they aren’t fabric so it makes cleaning them that much easier.  My favourite purchase since we moved in for sure!

Knobs – Anthropologie

The quickest way to revamp anything is to change up the knobs.  I learned this when we did J’s Nursery and Jacquelyn recommended these Fox KnobsSince then, I’ve been obsessed with finding beautiful knobs. My favourite place is Anthropologie.  We aren’t renovating our bathrooms upstairs so adding these pretty knobs gave the builders cabinets new life.  We also painted the cabinets white – I’m all about quick easy fixes.

Ikea Kallax

We’ve always been a fan of these but we just bought two more for our family room beside the fireplace after being unsuccessful in finding cabinets that would fit that space.  These guys always fit perfectly and you can style them in so many different ways, plus they are completely budget friendly! I do plan on covering up the ones in our family room with cabinets so the toys can be stored away nicely.

Sweet Bake Shop Book

I have this thing with beautiful books and lately been loving cooking / baking books more and more.  I love this one from my fellow Canadian Tessa – I’ve watching her grow her business and seeing this book come to life has been inspiring.



Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Oil – Saje

On repeat since my first trimester – I LOVE this stuff.  During my first pregnancy I used Bio-Oil and I did genuinely like it at the time – but by the end of the pregnancy I couldn’t stomach smelling it (Ko also hated the smell of it so this time around I wanted to find something he didn’t gag at haha).  I’m so thankful to have found the perfect bump oil this time around.  This one from Saje smells amazing and lasts so long.  Its a nightly ritual that I look forward to.

TULA Skincare

I was send some of the Tula Skincare products as a PR gift while we were mid-move and living at my parents place.  These became my go-to (it takes a LOT for me to like a new skincare brand I have my favourite 2-3 brands and stick to them).  The moisturizer and under eye cream in particular are amazing.  They also work perfectly with my sensitive skin (zero irritation) and aren’t very scented (since I was in my first trimester and feeling so sick 24/7 this was amazing and they didn’t make me more sick). These made me a big fan of this brand and I’m picky with my skincare so that says a lot!

Pillow Talk Lip Stick + Lip Pencil – Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve been experimenting with different lipstick shades during the days.  This has become a staple in my routine and stay in my purse at all times.  It also comes in a blush which I’m loving (quickly becoming my favourite!). Usually when I’m pregnant since I can’t really fit into any of my clothes I get re-inspired and excited about make up.  As my mama says, when you look good – you feel good.

Fab Fit Fun Box

I did a collaboration with them earlier this month (see it here) and I was seriously impressed.  The box is massive and its like Christmas for adults.  I’ll definitely be getting more and I think it would make a wonderful gift as well for the holidays for your sister, mom or best friends.

Body Shop Face Mist

These guys have been a favourite for the last month especially since we’ve been spending weekends in our backyard soaking up the sun and heat for as long as we have it!  I love the coconut and strawberry scents and they feel like a mini facial when you spritz them on your face.  My friend Steph puts them in the fridge which I thought was such a good idea.  When I was younger the body shop was my favourite place to shop and I love watching how the brand has changed and evolved over the years. Still such a fun.  These face mists are now on sale too (the perfect stocking stuffers…can you tell I’m getting ahead of myself with the holidays?) Also if you’re in school or have kids in school this would be perfect to keep in their backpacks or in your locker for a little mid day boost.



Smash + Tess

Maybe my favourite of this entire list.  I cannot write enough good words about this company.  This romper is the comfiest thing I’ve EVER worn.  I was gifted it and the box got lost in the move, I found it last week and was so happy it even fit over my baby bump.  They’re fall collection is launching soon and need to get my hands on some fall colours.  I already know I’m going to living in these for years to come.  Check them out and snag yourself something not only comfy but stylish and cute too.  I also love that this company is Canadian, I love supporting other small businesses.

Michael Kors Sneakers

If I ever designed a shoe that would be ‘on brand’ these would be them.  The perfect powder blue with a touch of sparkle – they are perfect for giving a casual outfit a little extra oomph.  They are sold out at this time but I linked to their other fun sneakers.


Ya’ll know my go-to hairstyle for years has been the messy bun. I love my collection of Chelsea King scrunchies and love the sweet ladies behind this brand – not to mention they are Canadian and love supporting other small businesses.  I find these scrunchies give your bun the perfect volume boost and hold – probably why you can see them in every other photo of mine! Haha.

Olivia Burton Watch

Gone are the days I used to walk around daily with my arm party of bracelets.  Now the only accessory on my wrist you’ll usually see is a watch.  This has been the case for quiet some time so over the last two years I’ve grown my little watch collection.  I was gifted this beautiful Olivia Burton watch a few months ago and I love how dainty and girly it is. Such a chic design without being over the top.  I’m thinking ahead for Christmas gifts (because bebe is due in November and mama is going to be ahead of schedule this year!) – this would be the perfect gift for your sister or mom.




I’ve been using asana since about March and I’m loving it more and more everyday.  I LOVE using my paper agendas and journals but there’s something comforting about knowing everything: all my ideas, project tasks and to-do’s are living online in a digital space I can re-arrange and share with my team.  I know I’m not using it (yet) to it’s fullest capabilities but looking forward to getting more acquainted over the next few months.  GAME CHANGER guys.

Alex Beadon’s ON PURPOSE Podcast

My friend Alex just launched her new podcast and I am loving it! I especially love her solo episodes (where I got the inspo to write out my month goals + things I’m working on).  If you’re a biz owner, do yourself a favour and have a listen.  She keeps it real and gives an amazing unfiltered look into the behind the scenes of her business.



Laundry Hamper – 3 Sprouts

I dont know why but I love the 3 sprouts laundry hampers.  I love keeping items like this for the kids rooms fun and easy vs chic and stylish.  J LOVES his lion one – he points at it all the time and says Lion, orange, RWAR.  I was looking for one for bebe girl and just ordered the SWAN for her room.  I like matching things for them already haha.


This book was gifted to us from my brother and sister in law and I LOVE the concept of this interactive and educational book.  J is still a bit too young to do it on his own but I sit with him and we do it together (usually 5-6 times in a row – he always says ‘again’ as soon as we’re done).  Its a book and you take pieces out and place them on the next page.  If you have any littles in your life this is a wonderful gift idea for them.


Month at a glance


Water + Lemon

L I S T E N I N G  T O

Epic Movie Soundtrack Mix


Present over Perfect


Pregnancy insomnia has kicked in so been re-watching True Blood (I used to love this show, its so violent watching it now I can’t quite stomach a lot of it like I used to in my early 20s lol)

O N  R E P E A T

Peppa Pig (if I’m being honest)


Sangria!! But I cannot have any.


Honestly? McCain Cake…Deep n’ Delicious…


Greek Salad (fresh from our garden!)



F A V E  I G  A C C O U N T S

@alexandriaslens – her images make be swoon (especially the Harry Potter ones)

@marylauren – love seeing motherhood through her lens

P I N T E R E S T  B O A R D


cannot wait to get cozy and chase fall foliage with my boys


Hope you guys enjoyed the new structure of these posts – looking forward to a check in in October.  I’d love to hear from YOU – what are you working on? What are you goals for September?

Comment below or hope over to my IG and leave a comment on my last post.