It seems the main question I get asked via emails, DMs, in person is all about Instagram tips and strategies.  The questions are endless and I understand why!  I got to thinking – wouldn’t it be great to ask my peers and friends in the industry to share just ONE Instagram tip and create this resource for you guys that you can reference when you need a boost of motivation and inspiration? So I did just that.

I’m beyond excited to bring you advice 26 extremely talented, kind and inspiring women.  If you’re not following them already you ought to be!  I admire these ladies being of their creativity, consistency and work ethic.  They are pretty remarkable.  I hope you enjoy!

QUESTION: What would be your ONE Instagram tip to give that you know always works over the years?

Their answers below…

Jasmine Star

Business Strategist & Photographer

“So often we let perfection get in the way of consistency. We believe that our Instagram posts must pretty, perfect, inspiring, engaging, witty…and, it must also look fabulous on our grid. And then we wonder why we’re overwhelmed every time we’re supposed to post?! Oh, friend, don’t let what you think you should do get in the way of simply showing up to connect with your followers. This isn’t just warm+fuzzy advice…the truth of the matter is that the IG algorithm evaluates recency of content in determining what posts are shown to followers. If you’re posting with regularity and engaging with your followers (in other words, if you’re consistent), you’ll see the type of growth we crave…and it has nothing to do with perfection. #yay”

Erin Sousa

Founder of Sparkle Media

@erincg –

“Get on Instagram Stories and be authentic and consistent! People connect to people, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable will build a loyal community to support you and your business! I always think about how I can either educate, entertain or make my community feel a little more “normal”. Instagram can be a very isolating experience full of perfection and comparison, and stories is the perfect place to be a little more relaxed, and show more REAL life. Tears, mess, and mistakes included. I find I receive a lot of DM engagement with my stories, and I try to respond to every DM I get, even if just an acknowledgement… I appreciate them taking the time to message me! Also, make sure you’re using stories to direct people to your feed so they engage there as well which helps circumvent the algorithm!”

Ana Klizs

Lifestyle Blogger + Content Creator

“Drown out the noise and do your own thing. Its probably easier said than done, but so much of what’s online and even what people say is just a small snippet of what their life is like, or who they really are. If it becomes a comparing game then the fun goes away and the space becomes overwhelming. Follow people who make you laugh, who inspire you just enough but make you just want to be a better version of you. And ultimately post things you want to post that make you happy. Instagram can be a pretty great place to make friends, make a living and share parts of yourself within, as long as you’re focusing on what’s important, which should be you.”

Dominique Davis

Content Creator, Instagram Guru + Writer

@allthatisshe –

“Be you; the real you. So, dive deep and discover what that looks like. Show your followers your personality, tell them your likes and dislikes, and let them hear (or in Instagram’s case, read) your authentic voice. Even though the temptation to mimic others will always be there, it’s only when you build a feed of images that you enjoy, write captions that you want to write, and essentially, show people what the real *you* looks like will it result in an invested and engaged audience who love, respect and appreciate what you do and the work you share.”

Stephanie S. Jolly

Life + Style Blogger + Owner of SS PRINT SHOP

“Get your followers engaged by asking them a question in your caption! It prompts for more engagement and involves your community to be apart of the post, rather than just consume it. I have always found they love to be involved and it actually makes it more fun for me as well because we get to chat in the comments and get to know each other more. For example, it can be as simple as “what your favourite ice cream flavor?” on a cute outfit post of you holding ice cream. Instead of just a cheeky caption, I’m involving my followers to share more and engage. That’s a really simple example, and you can prompt deeper questions/answers, but it’s just one of the ways I love to connect and spark engagement!”

Jessi Afshin

Fashion, Faith + Lifestyle Blogger

Fashion: @jessi_afshin | Faith & Lifestyle: @my_darling_diary

“Consistency is key.  Stay true to your voice by remaining consistent in what you’re offering your audience – i.e not bouncing from one vertical/topic to another and therefore confusing your readers.  Trust and loyalty is so important and remaining true to your brand is essential to building that cornerstone.  For me – my fashion blog readers know what they’re going to get when they read my blog.  I remain authentic to my fashion blog audience by creating a separate account when breaking into a whole new arena: faith and lifestyle.  This way, each audience knows which account to visit when looking for specific types of Inspo.”

Alyson Haley

Life, Style & Travel Blogger + Content Creator

“In this industry, the number one rule is ‘content is king’ so it’s important to create content that is not only engaging but provides something of value to your followers. In the same regard, pay attention to what posts they seem to respond to with the most passion because knowing why people follow you is almost as important as consistently providing valuable content to your followers. If you’re consistently providing content of value to your followers, and you’re checking in with them on IG stories, engaging with them and providing more value there, this will help create an engaged audience that not only wants to keep following you but encourages their friends to follow along, as well!”

Diala Canelo

Cookbook Author + Food & Travel Blogger

“My number one tip, is to create captions that are engaging.  Not only asking a question, but posting captions that are relatable.  As much as Instagram is a visual platform, it’s the story behind the photo what really gives it meaning and makes it stand out”

Kristin Leahy

Fashion, Home + Lifestyle Blogger

“One tip I have to be successful on Instagram would be to ENGAGE. Engage with your followers as much as you can. Try to respond to their comments/questions and let them know how much you appreciate their support. I also think it’s important to engage with your peers and other similar accounts. Think of it as a networking opportunity just via Instagram!”

Sarah Nicole

Writer + Content Creator


“ONE: Remember that your landing page is your resume. That’s where the follow button lives. Be intentional about your whole look and feel of your feed and not just an individual photo! Grid planning apps are great for this! TWO: Instead of trying to caption a photo, try photo-ing a caption. If I’m thinking about something I’ll write it down, or email it to myself. Then I’ll either capture an image that will accompany it well, or I’ll find one I already have. This creates a more genuine story-telling experience and fewer contrived captions that seem to fall flat.”

Jacquelyn Clark

Interior Designer + Blogger

The number one thing I’ve noticed that separates the big players from the small fish on instagram is authenticity.  I admittedly feel like that word has gotten a little diluted over the last little while as it’s almost en vogue to be “authentic”.  However, it’s really quite simple.  Just be you.  Period.  Share the things you love, because you truly love them.  Spill your secrets when you feel comfortable doing so.  Passion translates beautiful through Instagram, but it needs to be genuine, or people will smell it a mile away (and it’s pretty instant turn off when they do)”

Victoria Hui

Lifestyle Blogger + Content Creator

“When it comes to creating a successful career on Instagram, it’s really important to have fun while producing your content.  Many creators often get so caught up creating the ultimate perfect photo and with their engagement and growth that they completely lose sight of why they started doing it in the first place.  You need to be doing it for the right reasons, and not just to collect a cheque.  Remember to enjoy you photoshoots, have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously! If you can’t enjoy yourself, you won’t enjoy the work, and then burn out will come a lot faster than you expect it.”

Promise Tangeman

Graphic & Web Designer + Owner of Go Live HQ

@promisetangeman | @golivehq

“To grow your Instagram account, I always encourage people to spend 30 minutes a day commenting on other people’s Instagram accounts in hashtags that their IDEAL client/customer/or reader are hanging out. Leaving 20-30 comments is like introducing yourself to 20-30 new people at an event or party…EVERYDAY. Over time, this will consistently grow your account. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s important to leave comments in hashtags that your ideal client/customer would be using. For example, my company does web design for female creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. So, instead of commenting in hashtags that pertain to our expertise, like #webdesign or #design, we comment in hashtags like #girlboss, #smallbusinessowner or #womeininbusiness. This will ensure that the new connections you’re making will be potential clients or customers instead of industry peers.”

Krystin Lee

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger + Content Creator

“So often we hear about ensuring our photography is top notch, have a consistently coloured feed or stay on top of your engagements but I’m a believer in the data. What are your most saved posts? What garners the most engagement? Where does your audience live and are you speaking to that community? By combing through your data, you better understand your audience and can create content that you love and they want to see.”

Sasha Exeter

Content Creator, Lifestyle Blogger, Model & Athlete

@sashaexeter –

“By now everyone knows that imagery needs to be strong in regards to content but I think at this point, well for me at least, it all hangs in the caption. “What are my followers learning from my posts?”, “Am I telling a story?”, “Am I connecting with my audience on a deeper level and allowing them to get to really know me beyond the square?” These are questions I like to ask myself when I am creating and posting. Sure, there are times where there is just a really cute photo posted of my kiddo – how could I not? But for the most part, I don’t take my influence for granted and want people to come to my page to learn and be inspired. At the end of the day, I think that perspective has helped my brand and IG presence.”

Joelle Anello

Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger + Youtuber

“Consistency had been the one thing that I can attribute to my growth on Instagram. It can be tough to have enough content to post quality images every day, so I’ve learned to batch my content: set aside a few hours every week to take a bunch of great photos. You’ll have the time to edit them throughout the week, and will have more then enough content to post on Instagram consistently!”

Kristine Lee

Content Creator + Lifestyle Blogger

“I try to always remind myself that even though instagram is all about the pretty photos, at the core of it, it’s still a “social network”.  So content & engagement is just as important as the photo.  I sometimes struggle with this, as i’m a private person, but the more vulnerabile you can be with your audience the deeper the connection you will have with them.  I know i have felt most supported on instagram when i’ve opened up and shared something really difficult. i feel more connected with my community in these moments. sometimes you just need to rip the bandaid off, for a beautiful connection to happen.”

Alyssa Garrison

Content Creator +  Lifestyle Blogger

“Get personal! There are way too many accounts out there that just share pretty pictures without saying anything that holds any weight. People are looking for connection, for community and togetherness, and that’s what I think Instagram is all about, the opportunity to share.  Pretty pictures are delightful, but they’re so much stronger with meaningful words alongside them.”

Bri Dietz

Lifestyle blogger + Youtuber + Content Creator

“My best IG tip would be to stay in your lane! I think its good to pay attention to trends but in the end, staying true to yourself and speaking in your own voice, sharing from your heart and creating what rings true to you will translate to your audience. I think this also helps with combatting comparison and encouraging a healthy relationship with social media”

Brigitte Truong

Entertainment Host + Content Creator


“If you’re looking to build an audience on social media, especially on Instagram, it’s important to ask yourself, “What kind of value can I offer?” Whether it’s life advice, fashion inspirations, restaurant suggestions, makeup tips, travel reccos, you should keep in mind what it is you can and want to add to people’s life if they were to see your posts everyday. Consistency in what you’re offering will create trust which is the main ingredient in community building.”


Content Creator


“If I was in an elevator with someone and had to give one tip I would say engage with your favourite accounts.  Interact with them and get to know these people you’re following.  Leaving a thoughtful message or asking a thoughtful question goes a long way”

Amanda Chbat

Content Creator


“The one genuine tip I believe in the most & never stopped doing since the day I started was engaging with my followers. Not only do I take the time to respond back to the comments I receive but I also try my best to go on their page & engage with one of their posts! This will quickly build a friendly relationship & you will most likely get the engagement back on your future posts!”

Alex Beadon

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Instagram Stories Expert

“Make sure you visually and verbally communicate *why* people should follow you. That means sticking to a niche, building a brand, and creating an online presence where people know what to expect and can build a relationship with you.”

Lynne Knowlton

Interior Designer & Lifestyle Content Creator

“Content is king. Actually queen. LOL. I believe in having an authentic voice, keeping it real, and taking the time to write an engaging caption (although, I have to admit, writing a caption can be insta-pating at times. Pressure. Eeeek) It’s not about sharing what everyone else is sharing, but finding something unique to you. Something that you can be recognized for. Find what your audience loves, and keep giving it to them. Look at your most engaging posts, get to know your audience, and then serve it to them.

Stay consistent with your brand look/ feel, rather than posting what the ‘next shiny object is’. Just because everyone is posting a latte in their hand with a funky wall mural, doesn’t mean that your audience wants to see it your feed too. Don’t be afraid to share and try different things, to help you discover what your audience loves. For example, I was always afraid of doing Instagram stories….getting in front of the camera, and sharing the nitty gritties of life… made me GULP with fear. I stepped into it slowly by sharing spaces, and not my face, until I got a wee bit more comfy. Baby steps. Now, I find that Instagram stories are my most engaged part of Instagram with tons of DMs and real engagement. Engage with your audience. Reply to comments and DM’s as much as possible. Your audience wants to hear from you. They love it when you take the time to be present and help them along the way. Do what you can to serve your audience and they will start to tell their friends, share, and your audience can organically grow.”

Jana Bek

Interior Designer & Lifestyle Line of: Home Decor + Textile + Hand Painted Lamps

“My one Instagram tip would be to give credit where credits due. My MO is only posting my own photos and I’m sure to credit any and everyone that was a part of it, the photographer absolutely, but also the florist, the framer, etc who made it happen. Tag them and include them in the comments. If I ever post an inspiration photo, I take the time to research the designer and photographer, there is no “source unknown.”


Lifestyle Blogger, Decor Expert and Event Stylist

“My tips is EDIT EDIT EDIT. 1. Edit down the photos you want to post to something you know your followers will like / is on-brand / good quality.  2. Edit your photos to your aesthetic to whatever you want yours to be.  Mine is white and bright and elegant so I don’t post many dark photos. 3. Edit in the app Pic Tap Go – that’s my go-to! It’s easy to use and the filters are great for keeping your feed consistent!

and one from yours truly too

Anna Argiropoulos

Photographer + Blogger + Content Creator


“Focus on giving value – every. single. day. Reply to everyone, engagement with the audience you do have – appreciate them!  Second: Make time for meaningful collaborations with your peers.  In the early days this is how I grew not only my audience but my photography business as well.  Collaborate and always focus on the value YOU can give to others vs what you can get in return.  The rest will follow!  And have FUN, be excited about what you’re creating”


is that this post will spur you into action and inspire you to have more fun with your social media. That you took notes and followed these incredible ladies above.  Gained some golden nuggets of tips and start applying them day to day to up your Instagram game.  Above all else, the common theme I recognized by reading everyones is that giving value is key, be social with your readers and have fun!

Happy creating loves! Go get em’ 





  • Erica Shaw says:

    I love this post! So inspiring, especially at a time when I’ve been feeling so low about my feed and trying to ride out the highs and lows! Thank you for sharing and lifting me UP! XO