New Blog + 2018 Goals

Welcome to the new home of our blog!

I have been working on this blog with Emilia of Simply Elaborate for just over 6 months. I’m so excited and proud it’s finally launched. HUGE shoutout to her and her team for being amazing! We had to make the move from blogger to wordpress (which caused so many headaches) but they were champ at figuring out how to make it all happen (and for handling all my ever-changing requests! ha)

Tip if you’re re-designing: Your designer knows best! There were things Emilia initially designed for this space and I wanted something else, new months later looking at it I called and said scrap it lets go back to your original mock up lol.

If you’re not following me on Instagram be sure you are because we are going to be doing a giveaway with Emilia really soon and you could win your own new blog design!

So, what’s new?

Better Categories + Organized Navigation

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Lets dive into my goals for 2018 and what’s in store:

After this blog post all about what I’m not doing in 2018 I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little list of what’s on my mind as we get into 2018!

It’s hard to believe this time last year J was only 4 months! We’ve come a long way in just a year. First, lets look at some good things that happened in 2017:

I hired and got help not just in my business but in every aspect of my life (something I resisted for so long) I got cleaners, I took up the grandparents on their offer to help watch J while I work, I hired an incredible assistant and got someone to run all shipping & fulfillment for the shop.  We also went on our first proper family vacation (it has been almost 5 years since I had a vacation with no photography strings attached – it was incredible).  J turned ONE and started talking and mama started feeling back to her normal self like everyone said I would.

I just did a massive bucket list for my 30th bday so I’m going to keep this short n’ sweet and with things that are top of mind

My word for 2018: CREATE


  • Get my health back on track (already in  motion!)
  • Figure out a way to enjoy working out (I really really don’t like it)
  • Get better at cooking healthier meals
  • Be creative weekly **
  • Put in better rituals and routines to help with my focus
  • It’s time to buy some pants Anna
  • Connect more people + go out of your way to be more helpful (I always want to reach out with an email but usually don’t in fear of bugging people – even thought when I get these emails I freakin’ love it!)
  • More family outings
  • More dating my Mr.
  • Grow my team even more (let go of control Anna)
  • Photograph my family *** high on my list
  • Start a portrait series (I have a few in mind)
  • Do more self-portraits (ones that are not goofy – push myself out of my comfort zone and explore – have fun)
  • Spread love like confetti
  • Be helpful and giveback with what I’ve learned over the years (photography tutorials, biz tips and resources etc.)
  • Explore doing some online and in person photography courses / workshops (for beginners and then more advanced – interested? Comment below)
  • Offer mentoring to photographers
  • Have a gallery show of my work (shop)
  • Host an amazing launch party (this could go with the one above)
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Trust in your work and don’t get caught up in likes, social media and other trends
  • Start a photo challenge everyone can join in on social media to push ourselves creatively (already done! #awlchallenge)
  • Consider starting a podcast (maybe towards the later half of the year – this has been on my mind for a while – sitting with it! Thoughts?)
  • More balloons, smoke bombs and colour (already in the works)
  • Strengthen my brand message (which has always been about Loving What You Do for a living)
  • Have fun!

Have anything you’d love to see on AWL this year?

Comment below!

Lots of love, Anna