February Creativity Challenge

I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of love and feedback I’ve gotten since announcing our monthly creativity challenge last month.  I cannot believe we have had over 100 entries already in the #awlchallenge hashtag. I’m very excited to see where this will all go and how we all continue to push and create throughout the year.


February’s theme is BOOKS.

After creating this image for a collaboration with Indigo I had been itching to do more levitating book images. I had the idea to have a stack on my head and then have a bunch levitating down into the pile.

I attempted this solo which did leave me with a bruised nose (see my Instagram Story hi-lights for some funny outtakes + behind the scenes) but it was fun to try nonetheless.  A few days later I got Ko to help me get the final shot – he didn’t hold the books on my head but he did to the shutter so all I had to do was focus on balancing the books on my head and holding the pose!

Once the main shot was done we held books up to create the levitating effect and then later using layer masks deleted them in Photoshop.  I did record a speed edit of me doing this and thanks to my computer troubles it looks like my computer didn’t save it! I owe you guys a proper levitation tutorial which I’ll do in March.

Below you can see my set up:

I’d love for you to join in!

Tag your any book photos on your instagram with the hashtag: #awlchallenge and I will be sharing some in my Instagram Stories + blog!