I’ve been so excited to roll out this blog post for a while now.  After what kind of lens do you use and who do I recommend for wedding photography this is a question I’m always answering! What web designers do you recommend?

Well, this list is filled with the best of the best! Search no more because I know you’ll be able to find what (or who) you’re looking for here!


1. GO LIVE – Promise Tangeman

I’d like to pull up a chair and set up an office with these folks right here.  I’ve been a fan of Promises’ for years, when it came time for my re-brand a few years ago they were my first stop.  They have built SUCH an incredible business and are real pro’s in the industry! You can buy your own templates, go to one of their incredible in person ‘go live’ workshops or work with them one on one for a truly customized brand experience.  Promise now also has a series of amazingly refreshing helpful (and hilarious) vidoes that will make you just want to be her BFF. Adore her, Adore them…any questions?


2. Simply Elaborate – Emilia

I feel like a proud mama when I see my past clients hitting their business goals and making their dreams happen! Meet Emilia, the fabulous boss babe behind Simply Elaborate.  This lady right here loves what she does (which is probably why we meshed so well together!) I did her brand photographs last year (which was a blast) and she will be launching her new digs really soon – keep an eye out because you won’t want to miss the goodness in store.  We are currently working on my new blog together and it’s been a breeze simply because she just gets it! I’m looking forward to working with her and her team more this year and even more excited to see her vision come to life! She’s the one to watch guys and she’ll take good care of you! Based in Toronto, Canada


3. Goat Social 

They are fun, smart and passionate about what they do! I’ve worked with them for a number of projects and they have been a dream to collaborate with.  Great photographs and great copy are all the ingredients to make an incredible website.  The web designer is the master chef and what they do can either make or break it.  Whenever a clients says they are working with them I exhale because I know their socks are going to be knocked off once they see their final vision.  They not only have killer vision and design but their branding services are perfection.


4. Ashley + Malone

I have know Ashley and Dallas since the beginning of Annawithlove!  Ashley, Janine and I were all in Bschool during the same year and I’ve loved watching her grow her business.  They were one of the first people to book my ‘website package’ way back when it was just starting out.  It’s been inspiring to watch the mini empire they’ve built together.  Leaders in the wedding web design world their brand and aesthetic is absolute perfection.  These guys are pros.  They know what they are doing and will ensure your vision comes to life and you get the website of your dreams! (not to mention Ash is a new mama just like me. Yay BossMama!)


5. Chloe Digital

Even though I haven’t personally worked with Chloe Digital if you’re in the fashion blogging world chances are you’ve probably heard of her + the team!  If you’re a fashion and lifestyle blogger I’d highly recommend you check them out.  I feel when picking a web designer you do take into consideration what niche your in, what your brand aesthetic and style is and pick a designer that matches! For example, looking my work you see the vibe I capture.  If someone wanted very edgy, dark, high contrasted images I would definitely not be the photographer best for them!

Hope this helps guide you all in the right direction!

These are my top 5 picks that get my AWL stamp of approval 🙂

Lots of love

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