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It’s been a whirlwind of a few month around here.  I’ve gotten back into the groove of working and settling into our new schedule that we implemented in February.  I have so much I’ve learned from testing different work schedules with juggling motherhood and I’m excited to share all that jazz with you in blog posts to come (I’ve gotten a lot of Qs about this!)

A few weeks ago I opened up slots for my photography packages for 2017!
(Heads up: we are currently booking into end of June-July)

Something interesting has been happening for a while now.  I get inquiries or get questions online and in person about what kind of photography I do and how people can work with me!  I realized it’s been a while since I’ve broken down what I do.  So for all you new, beautiful faces who have just joined me on my journey and have possibly wondered how we could work together or how you could get in front of my lens- keep on reading because I got all the fun and fab details below!

for women entrepreneurs, bloggers and creative pros

Also known as my ‘website photoshoot’ This is my most popular offering and what I’ve become ‘known’ for I guess! I love creating custom branded imagery as much as I love talking shop so it’s really no surprise this what I love to do!

These photoshoots are all about elevating your brand with beautiful photos that capture your vibe in every snap, show you off in your element, and make you look like your more fabulous hireable self.   I want to hit that corporate snooze button and get that natural lifestyle look that people really relate to online.  We’ll even get you hooked up with a custom set of vignettes and flatlay that fit your unique brand.  There are lots of fun bonuses I’ve sprinkled in this year like our VIP stock library and mini social media bootcamp.  From #hairgoals to #bizgoals we help you make it happen!

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aka a personal branding photoshoot for women who love blending personal and professional life

This year I decided to take out my headshot shoot and replace it with a creative headshot package.    This is a package where I work with you to build your dream photoshoot.  No styling, vignettes or custom flay lays – this is all about you.

You deserve to be seen for the total package you are.  So even if all you need is a couple of pro photos for your website or social media profiles, we’ll take the rest of the shoot to glam it up and show off other angles of you that tell a deeper story.  I want to capture the woman who looks just as boss in her power suit as she does in a little black dress…or the rockstar makeup artist who can pirouette like nobody’s business.

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aka where it all began…

Because this is where Annawithlove Photography started it holds the most special place in my heart.  These shoots speak to my girly, glamorous side.  A nod Sue Bryce (Ive been a student of hers since her first appearance on Creative Live in 2012) I get to turn my clients into models for the day and photograph them how they’ve always dreamed of being photographed.  These shoots are all about YOU.  We plan our your dream photoshoot and then I make it happen.  It’s filled with pre-consultations, inspiration boards (like we need an excuse to scour pinterest right?).  It’s all about photographing you the way you always dreamed.  I’d love one day to rent a villa in Italy, a beautiful apartment in Paris or a gorgeous spot in Santorni to shoot these portraits.

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Want to get in front of my lens this year? I already can’t wait to meet you! EMAIL ME and let’s get this party started!

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PS . We are currently in the process of growing our team so keep an eye out later this week for some job postings!