Last week I turned off my out of office from maternity leave and I’m officially ‘back to work’ – *gulp* I’ve been trying to dig out my inbox, get clear on what I want to accomplish this year and try to develop some kind of normal routine.  We also all got sick the last 10 days which made my ‘getting back to work’ week a ‘sick week’ and pushed every back…lesson 1 prepare for the unexpected hah.  As I write this, I’m in a Starbucks while bebe J is napping at my moms and soon I have to dash out to pick up my little sister from school.


Adore this quote above

1. Simplified Planner

New year means brand spanking new planner! This has been my go-to for years.  I love Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners they keep me organized and the daily quotes keep me motives and inspired. This year my friends at EL were so kind to send me a initialed copy of the planner (naturally I picked my biz initials ‘AWL’) – it makes it even more special and really feels like my own space to go for it!




2. Cultivate What Matters

Lara’s team sent me the power sheets binder last year and I was excited to test out the new and improved spiral notebook POWERSHEETS – LOVING this so much – they’ve done a really wonderful job anticipating what you need.  Plenty of space to get messy and then to get clarity.  Lots of space to brain dump (yes!) and then beautifully designed spaces to get clear on your goals.  It keeps you organized and prioritizes what you need and should be focusing on (we all know how easy it is to get side-tracked from your real goals!)



3. 90 Day Year

I’m sure your not surprised to see this one on here! From this post and this post you all know what an advocate I am of the 90 Day Year Program by Todd Herman.  I’ve been re-watching all the videos and lessons as I’ve been getting back to work from maternity leave its gotten me SO clear on where my focus needs to be so I actually accomplish and grow in not only my business but my personal life as well.  Makes inputting into the above two real easy!


4. De-clutter (le purge)

When your work from home and do what I do you collect a lot of ‘props’ reeeeal fast.  My best friends always joke and poke fun when they are at my place saying they need to make me de-clutter all the ‘stuff’ in our home.  You know what? they’re right! Kosta and I have a ‘purging’ day scheduled next week and truthfully I’m SO excited to just empty out our place (I won’t be tossing all my beloved props away, but putting them in clear organized bins out of the way and easy to grab when I’m doing photoshoots)

5. Google Calendar

I’m a really visual person (surprise, surprise) – the thing that keeps me most organized and on top of my schedule is my trusty google calendar – without this I really would literally be lost.  EVERYTHING goes inside here and EVERYTHING has a colour code with it (yellow or work days, green for photoshoots, purple for personal errands, blue for fun actives etc.)  Now that I have scheduled work days I put inside the notes what I should be doing for that day.  Sometimes I’ll be nursing J or out waiting in line at the mall and think of something that I need to do for work – I quickly add it in before I leaves my mom brain mind forever and I’ve found it helps me remember everything I (still) have to do.  I also love planning my blog content like this.  Its amazing to visually see your month planned out ahead!

It’s ALL about efficiency and time saving tricks this year!

Ps. Stay tuned I’ll be sharing my 2017 goals and thoughts plus what Kosta and I set as our theme for this year soon!