This Christmas is a bit extra special as it’s our first Christmas as a family.  If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how important family and friends are to me and how I make it a priority every day to enjoy them to the fullest.  Life moves so fast especially during the holidays, that it’s important to stop, slow down and enjoy it as much as possible!
This is why I’ve teamed up with First Canadian Place & Exchange Tower.  You guys, they are making all my Christmas shopping dreams come true this yearThey are now open on Saturdays and it’s basically the most calming and fun experience I’ve had Christmas shopping in stores in YEARS.  
As I said in this post I have a long tradition of Christmas shopping in the city with my brother and mother growing up.  It puts me right into the holiday spirit and I’m so excited that even with a little 4 month old I can go downtown and shop in a calm, stress free environment.
Kosta works most Saturdays and I love doing something fun on Saturdays with Bebe J – this is the perfect outing for us because it’s not only fun but productive…and all you mama’s out there know how important it is to be productive with tiny humans haha. 
Start your Saturday shopping experience with FREE parking, followed by shopping without all the crowds (get more checked off your to-do list so you can get back to bebe snuggles), FREE gift wrapping (100% of donations go to Sick Kids Foundation) and lastly, FREE parcel and coat check.  While you’re waiting for the wrapping pop over and take some cute shots with your bebe at the Photo Booth by the huge Christmas tree…rinse and repeat until all your shopping is done!
Moving onto my favourite part…my go-to gifts to give loved ones every year!
Swarovski | Christmas Ornament – Annual Edition
This is probably my #1 go-to gift every year (and I totally buy one for Kosta and I as well).  We have been collecting them since 2013 when we got married.  It’s also a wonderful gifts to give newly married friends, your parents, hostess gift if you’re attending a fabulous party this Christmas.  Its a beautiful keepsake that they’ll love year after year. 
Saje Wellness | Diffuser and Essential Oils
Another ‘can’t go wrong’ gift to give is anything from Saje Wellness.  I was gifted a diffuser last year from a dear friend and I’ve been hooked ever since.  They have so many diffusers you can pick the perfect that matches the personality of your loved ones.  Another favourite gift from here is their essential oil diffuser sets.  You can select it based on theme for example: Relaxation, Creativity, Happiness etc.
Gap Kids | Cute shoes, hats and more
Reindeer Hat…do I need to elaborate here? Gap Kids has been my favourite place to shop for J since he was born and I love shopping here for all my bestie’s little ones.  I usually opt to getting something fun that I know my friends wouldn’t buy for their kids!
Indigo Spirit | Coffee Table Books
I love giving beautiful Coffee Table books as gifts.  I have a bit of an obsession (and by obsession I totally mean problem) with buying these for myself.  I love flipping through them for inspiration and little creative ‘jolt’ when I need it.  However, this is not something someone will usually splurge on for themselves therefore its the perfect gift to give!  Get the baker in your life a beautiful baking book, the fashionista a Vogue or Bazaar book or the hostess (and LC fan) in your life her latest book ‘Celebrate’.
Hope these ideas help you if you’re having trouble figuring out what to buy your loved ones this year! You can snag all these goodies at First Canadian Place & Exchange Tower in one swoop.
There are two more Saturdays to take advantage! It’s on until December 17th so Toronto Mama’s I encourage you all to get out and enjoy a ‘sane’ Christmas shopping experience! 
Lot of love
Thank you to our friends at Frist Canadian Place & Exchange tower for partnering on this post.  All opinions are my own!
Photographs by: Lindsey Drennan and Elaine Fancy