Tomorrow is December 1st and it will mark Bebe J turning 4 months old.  Pause for reaction.  Where has the time gone? I’d be lying to all of you if I said I was ‘killing it’ and nailing the juggling act of being a business owner and a new mom.  Not. In. The. Least.


I don’t think at first anyone can master the juggling act of finding balance between life and work – key word here? At First.  Sure, life is pretty unpredictable with a little one but that doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful.  I’m learning more and more every day how to get better at planning for the unpredictable and leaving (lots) of room for buffer time. With some analysis, lots of trial and error I think eventually I’ll get a better handle on it.


Sure via social media and pretty images it may look ‘easy’ but I think everyone nowadays understands it’s smoke and mirrors right? The hi light reel vs. the reality reel? Right? Okay good.


This little person is already teaching me so much (way more than I’m teaching him right now).  Every day I’m learning and discovering something new about myself.


Truth is, I’ve been enjoying just being ‘mom’.  My favourite days are the ones I spend snuggling, singing and dancing with my bebe.


He is growing WAY too quickly and he’s become my favourite person to hang out with.  Kosta and I are pretty obsessed with him – I mean what new parents aren’t obsessed with their child?!  Four months old and full of personality, he makes me belly laugh daily.  Even though I wanted to become a ‘Mother’ my entire life, I had no idea how much I would LOVE being his mama.  It’s the best thing…


In regards to working – I don’t have a lot of computer time (my inbox is a seriously scary place to be right now), and I don’t have a lot of uninterrupted ‘work’ time but I do have a lot of time while driving, or during a walk to be inside my own head.  I’ve spent a lot of time discovering things about myself that I can no longer ignore.  Good habits, bad habits, what not to do, what works best etc.Many people have told me you simply can’t do it all – and you know what? They are right! You can’t – but I’m a pretty stubborn gal and even though my time has been cut in half I know there is a way to make it work…if I’m working smart.


As January approaches Ko and I have started discussing how it’s all going to work with me getting back into shooting and working more full-time-ish.


If you’ve been following me on here you’ll know how I’m a firm believer in constantly educating yourself.  I never pretend I know everything about anything.  There is always room for improvement and always something new to learn to sharpen your skill set.


So…what am I doing to help prepare myself for 2017 and the next stage in this fun adventure?Freshen’ up my working smart skills by re-taking and re-watching my favourite training I’ve ever invested in.  The 90 Day Year.If you remember from this post.  I had HUGE wins in my business after taking this course. I can’t think of a better place to start…or rather re-start my new year than going back to when things were really jiving.SIDEBAR | A fun exercise I like to do when I’m feeling stuck is going back to when I didn’t feel this way.  More often than not you were doing something then that you’ve stopped doing now.  Being aware of this can help you get back on track almost instantly.  Sometimes it’s a quick fix like needing to drink more water or get to the gym to boost your energy – other times it may take more work like blogging more, focusing on marketing and outreach for your business etc.  This could applied to work, personal relationships – just about anything.


Anyway where were we? Oh yes – The 90 Day Year – I’ve been out of the ‘working’ game for almost 6 months – sure I’ve kept my foot in the door but I’ve been on my own version of ‘maternity leave’ – I knew when I was ready to get back into it I would need to freshen’ up and kick start my comeback with getting fired up and excited.Reality is, I no longer have all the time in the world to work.  Come January, I have to dive into my workdays with a full proof game plan.  I cannot let my workdays attack me I have to attack them with precision.I have to work smart.If you feel like you’re ready for a big change this year or if you’re in the same boat as me need to reboot yourself back into work after maternity leave then I’d really encourage you to check out Todd Herman and  The 90 Day Year.


It’s the push you’ll need to bring you A-game.


Dive into the free training (you’ll get some incredibly helpful golden nuggets from this alone) to get a feel for the program.


And the best part? Access for life.  This course will take you throughout your entrepreneur journey and be your go-to guide / secret weapon in your pocket, always there to refer back to when you need to get back on track.


I’ll be sure to report back here – I’m looking forward to seeing what new takeaways I get from re-watching all the content and re implementing all the indispensable systems now that I’m a mama and my outlook on my business and life has drastically changed.


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WATCH my interview with Todd from round 1 of The 90 Day Year!


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Lots of love,


  • Tidy Tor says:

    Hi Anna!

    To be honest, I don't believe I have visited your blog but I follow you on Instagram. I visited this post because I too want to refocus in 2017. I am due in February with my first baby (a boy!) and really enjoyed your candidness on motherhood. I know my life will change but cannot anticipate how so, it's nice to know it takes work at first but 'normalcy' can be maintained. We can still be boss babes and mothers. Any who, thanks for the post!