A little recap of the last month or so…

Above & Below | The most beautiful bridal show for my equally beautiful Stephanie! I don’t usually shoot Bridal Showers but for my best gals I always make an exception (especially when its this gorgeous!) Would have expected nothing less from my most stylish and gal pal.  So incredible happy for her, she is beyond thoughtful and caring (keep scrolling to see what I mean) and I cannot wait to watch her tie the knot next month!
See the entire bridal shower on Style Me Pretty
Had to share the sweetest baby ambush from Stephanie, I’m not having a Bridal Shower but of course S wouldn’t stand for that (lol) so she asked me to come over for breakfast and this was waiting.  So incredibly thoughtful and sweet.
It’s blizzard season!
Almost done renos for the arrival of our sweet bebe! Doors are in and I’m in love.
The best props…
Me and the (growing) bump!
Nadege for the most delicious treats…
Rare quiet morning…
The sweetest gift from Joanna Pop Illustrations…she had originally wanted to draw me and my camera but then emailed saying she picked something else more special.  I cannot tell you all how much I adore this print.  I need to find an extra special place & frame to display it!  This is such a perfect gift to give your best gals after they tie the knot…a beautiful keepsake!
Tick-Tock…time to get a start on my day! 
Watch (been loving these watches) | Klasse14
Have a wonderful Tuesday you guys
Lots of love