Few weeks ago Kosta & I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe two years has already passed, it feels like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle to him.  It was no lie what I said in this post, I still get butterflies when I hear him call me his wife and smile to myself despite my best efforts to keep it cool.  Nonetheless time has flown by, but that’s what happens as you get older I suppose, life gets busier and time moves faster.  That’s why we do our best to really enjoy the little in-between moments in life; ones that have no significance to anyone else but the two people sharing in it.

It’s no secret we love to travel but after our summer in Europe, escaping Toronto for even two nights was just not an option.  When the wonderful people behind HotelTonight reached out to us a few weeks before our anniversary it was the perfect win-win! Beautiful vacations whether they are at the beach or exploring new cities are wonderful but the reality is a lot of us can’t take off whenever we get the travel-ich myself included.  I think no matter how busy our schedules get we all can find 24 hrs in a month enjoy a little stay-cation! Right?

The HotelTonight App lets you snag incredible deals on some pretty luxurious hotels not just in Toronto but all around the world.  They arranged for Kosta and I to enjoy a little stay-cation at one of my favourite hotels in the city, The Thompson Hotel.  You don’t always have to break the bank, book a flight or plan an elaborate trip to have a break.  Sometimes, staying right in your own hometown and just changing up the scenery for one night can do the trick! Keep on scrolling & enjoy a little treat at the bottom!

Our beautiful suite at the Thompson Toronto

Room service may very well be one of my favourite things…
Handsome Mr. popping the champagne…
Since our room was upgraded to this beautiful suite we decided to stay in for the night but we still got dressed up to enjoy dinner & some bubbly to celebrate our anniversary…

I want you to enjoy your own stay-cation! HotelTonight has offered $25 off a minimum of $100 spend with the coupon code ‘WITHLOVE‘ at checkout.  Download the app here and explore.  Your stay-cation awaits you!
Lots of love,
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Thank you HotelTonight for sponsoring this post!