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This past summer Kosta & I were lucky enough to spend one month in Greece! One of the highlights? Finally visiting Santorini!! We were so excited to be joined by our close friends Stephanie & Neal for what would turn out to be a very memorable trip.  Right from the moment we set foot on the island it took our breaths away.   It felt like we were looking at a postcard all day long. The four of us got together a few months before our departure date to search for the best hotel for all of our first times in Santorini.  We wanted it to be perfect & luckily we found the best hotel in Fira, Anteliz Suites! We booked through (I love this site and has been my personal favourite for booking our travel for years).  Anteliz Suites is one of those 5 star hotels with so much heart.  It’s family run which makes you feel so at home and comfortable.  I can safely say that we have never had better service anywhere we’ve stayed.  Anteliz knows hospitality and how to make you truly feel like it’s your home away from home.  The staff, the service, the food, the rooms exceeded all our expectations.  I cannot say enough good things about this hotel & the people behind it.  Keep on scrolling to discover the beauty yourself…

above & below our beautiful room!
Saoking in the sun with my Mr. | thank you @nealjolly for the capture!
Travel Tip: I would recommend if your budget allows to get a hotel with beautiful private or public pool.  Santorini is all about relaxing and unwinding.  We would head into town in the morning & then lounge by the pool of the rest of the afternoon when the sun was too hot do to anything else!
Our favourite way to ease into the day was enjoying room service with this spectacular view!
The equally beautiful public pool & ‘lobby’ at Anteliz Suites (how beautiful?!)

A few mornings I woke up super early to venture out to capture Santorini, I loved coming back to the hotel and making a mini work area on our balcony to sift through the images!
The best part of Anteliz Suites? The breathtaking sunset right from the hotel.  We’d get ready watch the sunset from our rooms & then venture out for dinner and some late night shopping in Fira town! 
The Santorini Squad!
Meet Anthony from Anteliz Suites! (middle) He was our guide and go-to insider throughout our entire stay! He told us best places for photos, for food, tips for beating the busy crowds of tourists…not to mention thanks to Anthony he made THIS all possible! We will never forget his kindness in making our stay in Santorini one that we’ll remember for a lifetime.

Hope you all enjoyed taking a peek into Anteliz Suites, stay tuned for more from our travels coming on the blog this week!

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  • Roy and Rosina says:

    My wife and I stayed at Anteliz last May 2017. When I saw your photo of the courtyard gate, my adrenaline pumped and my love for Anteliz fired up. Thank you for your article. Antony and Elizabeth are wonderful hosts aren’t they? Love from Roy and Rosina