Life In Photos

A favourite past time, hanging with Stephanie & planning out new creative shoots! 
 ‘Le Bicyclette’ in 20×30 hanging in the studio/office from the Fine Art Shop
 Cute striped scrunchie from Chelsea King | Perfect for messy buns! 
 Above & Below | On my desk

 Thanks to SS for bringing me along to the HBC Holiday preview, so many lovely things!
Raining weekends at home
Well July certainly flew on by! It’s been a wonderful month filled with new projects, lots of family time and taking each day as it comes.  Hope you all have a perfect Tuesday!
Lots of love,
Join me!


  • Venice says:

    Your pictures and positive vibes inspire me everyday Anna! It's always so full of life and it's SO COLORFUL! p.s you've totally inspired me to plan a trip to Paris next year!

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  • peach says:

    simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach