Tiffany Pratt.
It’s impossible to describe this woman in just a few words, but I will do my best.  It’s rare that I meet someone who I am in awe of, but that’s how I felt when Stephanie first introduced me to Tiffany.  She has this incredible positive energy about her that makes you want to just be around her.  She gives the best hugs, can make you feel like a million bucks and no matter what mood you were in when you first see her when you leave you will be on a cloud of happiness.  She has that kind of effect on everyone!  I’m so proud to know this woman.  She has opened an entire new world of wonder, creativity and love.  Cannot believe that I get to work with such talent!  We have some fun shoot ideas in the oven, can’t wait to see where this summer will take us!
…and then this happened (may be the most fun I’ve had on a shoot to date!)
Head on over to Tiffany’s brand-spankin’ new glittery website!
Last but not least, SO excited that Tiffany will be starring on HGTV’s new show tonight
Premiere’s tonight at 10pm!
I haven’t seen anything but the promo (click here) but this lady was made for television!
Happy Friday all & have an amazing weekend!
Lots of love
Quote of the day:
“This can be beautiful”
– Tiffany Pratt
Let’s be friends!