Taking photographs of the people you love is a privilege, not a right and shouldn’t be taken for granted” – me
This is the phrase that kick started this personal project about one year ago.  Those of you who have been following annawithlove for a while will know how important family and friends are to me.  I don’t like to take things for granted, I feel blessed and lucky to be able to take photographs of the people I love.  What better way to use my creativity and talent than to make wonderful memories that will last forever.
The Idea: Two portraits, one conceptualized portrait and one traditional portrait.
Here we go…up first my papou (aka. grandfather)

title: “King of the Garden”

When I think about my papou, I think immediately of summer, him smiling, working away in his garden.  Ohhh the garden.  His pride and joy, it’s the best on the block! There was never a question as to where I would photograph him, it was always “Papou, I’m coming to take your portrait……yes of course in the garden!” (except in Greek)

My papou is one of the most entertaining and funny people I know just in the way he is.  I love observing him, he has an extreme case of selective hearing and his reactions to conversations and situation around him are priceless.  I could watch him all day.  He has a kind spirit and is always happy.  He also has an uncanny ability to fall asleep on command or sometimes even in the middle of a conversation…amazing.  My family jokes that I have such a soft spot for him but when you are so naturally funny and entertaining without knowing you are how can he not be my soft spot.  I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite grandchild…shh don’t tell the others!

Lots of love,

Quote of the day:
 “Live in a state of acceptance and gratitude” – Sue Bryce