100 Things {week one}

As I posted last week I am starting a mini blog series called “100 things” where for 10 weeks I will post 10 things that make me happy. Sofia from Sofia’s Journal came up with the idea and challenged her readers to come up with their own list of happiness. I thought it was such a fun little project and I had to give it try! So without further ado, week one here we go!

#1 Cupcakes (especially mini bite sized ones)

#2 Those really perfect hair days (with summer starting I will cherish each one, hello frizz?!)

#3 Does this one even need an explanation? Oh those little blue boxes

#4 Fresh fruit from your local market, deeeelicious

#5 Funny things that make me giggle (Harry Potter fans will understand this…”Lumos”)

#6 Springtime.  That feeling seeing the first tulip bloom. SMILES

#7 Carousels

#8 Waking up thinking it’s Friday and then you realize it’s Saturday.  Guilt free snooze button!

#9 Collage/Vision board of your favorite things

#10 Beach treasures <3

And there you have it folks! One week down, nine to go. Stay tuned for next week’s 10!

Enjoy xo