Personally, I’m all about honouring those you love everyday of the year vs on these ‘dedicated’ holidays and yet there is a part of me that looks forward to surprising my loved ones and indulging in a little self-care, now being a mama myself.  The phrase Treat yo’ self comes to mind hehe.  If you’re like me, you don’t have hours to spare a week (let alone everyday) and you also don’t have the headspace to always be prepared as you maybe once were (guilty again). I’m breaking down today 5 simple ideas for self-care this mother’s day and will give you some well deserved R&R.

ONE. Mood boosting products

Chances are if you’ve been following me on Insta you would have seen that I’ve partnered with Olay over the last few months.  Part of the reason I love Olay is that it’s quality products don’t break the bank.  By the time you read this it will be May but I’ve been using the products and working with the brand since January so I’ve had some time to really test out these products.  Let me first say how impressed I am with the brand.  I’ve always loved Olay (which is why I agreed to partner with them) but they’ve really done a wonderful job to think about the consumer when creating their new line of products.  Also, my skin is crazy sensitive (especially during pregnancy and post partum) and these products have been a treat and a joy for my skin.

Okay so let me break down three products I know you’ll love:

Energizing Mist:

I love sprays and mists so I was eager to test this one out.  I instantly loved it and it’s usually with me everywhere I go.  One of my favourite quick self-care hacks is to mist your face a few times a day for a quick refresh.  I’m always amazed at how this little 5 second treat can shift my mood.  I mist my face and take a few deep breaths and then get back to my day.  Even though its quick it makes me feel like I’m pampering myself.   My skin feels hydrated and refreshed. When I first tested it out I was impressed with how the spray “misted” – you know when you use a mist and it hits you in the face and is uneven? This was a constant perfect ‘mist’ – what I later learned was Olay tests over 100 spray applications to get it just right. (love that!). These mists are also filled with Vitamin B3 (so your skin will hold onto moisture better overtime) and Vitamin C (hello, glowing skin!).

Brightening Eye Cream:

This eye cream is PACKED with vitamin C and I’ve been using it for months.  Reason I love it a little more than other eye creams is because it helps brighten under my eyes instantly, but also smooths fine lines and wrinkles over time.  I’m all about creating little brief moments during your day like this that makes you feel like you’re taking care of yourself.  All these stacked together will make you feel a little less of a hot-mess

Clay Stick Masks:

Ladies, you have to try these! Nothing makes me feel like I’m instantly pampering myself like a good face mask.  When a face mask goes on I feel like I’m having a mini spa moment.  What I LOVE about these is the applicator.  It’s a stick mask which means you do not have to get your hands dirty to apply it! Why’s that’s such a game changer? Because when you’re busy on-the-go, you don’t always have time to slap on a mask and then wash your hands, or the counters, with goop everywhere – they get messssssy. I have a ton that I never use because I don’t feel like making a mess / the steps.  You can literally apply this while eating, typing up an email or even changing a diaper.  I’ll slap this on mid-day and don’t have to worry about it getting everywhere.  Again, all about practical, quick products that will make creating pockets of ‘me-time’ easy for busy mamas.  I love the glow boost mask!

TWO. A Quiet Morning

I love my kids more than life itself, but, now and again having a slow quiet morning where I can drink a hot coffee uninterrupted is a small slice of heaven.  Do something a little special (and extra) to indulge and enjoy in the moment. It’s not about booking a weekend spa trip away which is usually unrealistic for a lot of people. It’s about creating little moments and pockets in your day for some me-time and self-care.  I deeply believe (because I’ve done it) that all these little things stacked together can not only help your mental health but how you show up in your day.  I want to be my best, most energetic self for my kiddies and that means sometimes having a couple of hours just mama 😉

THREE. Tidy-Up

This one may shock some of you as to why it’s on this list but stay with me for a second.  I read somewhere once that tidying up is a form of self-care and as someone who has struggled with keeping things tidy for her ENTIRE life this was an incredible re-frame for how I thought about “tidying up”.  When I wake up to a clean, tidy home, not only is my mood immediately calmer and happier but I’m more patient with my husband and kids plus I can think more clearly about what needs to happen that day which means I’m more present.  Does that resonate with you at all? This is something I’ve started to make a habit of and I’m getting better week by week.  SO, night before Mother’s Day, take 15 min and tidy up your space so you can wake up feeling great. A mess is a huge silent stressor so even on the nights I’m tired I think of how my ‘tomorrow  self’ will thank ‘yesterday me’ that she wasn’t lazy and got it done! Another motivator? You won’t be able to fully rest in your mess.  Do yourself a favour and set yourself up for relaxation.

FOUR. Grab your favourite magazine

Gone are the days I would spend my weekend mornings sifting through my 10+ magazine subscriptions.  Once you have some solo time this Mother’s day gather some of your favourite things you used to enjoy pre-babies.  Maybe it’s not a magazine but your favourite podcast, or your old favourite playlist (blast it through the house and dance along).  This is YOUR time to do with whatever you like.

FIVE. Bubble Bath

I never used to be a big bubble bath person and now I love them! I’m a busy body so sometimes idea of sitting in water listening to Spa music makes me almost more anxious than restful! So what I do is pair my bubble bath time with some tv shows or stick my favourite podcast on to listen to! It’s usually in the evenings so I’ll pour myself a glass of my favourite wine or bubbly.  Such a lovely way to unwind after a long day.

Hope this gives you all some ideas to make simple moments throughout your day.  Again, it’s not about being extravagant or breaking the bank.  It’s about creating small pockets in your day to pamper yourself!

This post was created in partnership with Olay.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!