It’s November which means it’s officially acceptable to start posting all things Christmas and holiday related! If you’re new around here – Christmas is my favourite time of year.  I love everything about it and go all out each year.  I wanted to do a little round up for you guys early this year on where my favourite places to shop for all things holiday are.

I’m on the look out for all the decor since this is the first time I have an entire house to decorate! I couldn’t be more excited…and yes, I do want different theme colours for different rooms lol.

Let’s dive in!


CANADIAN TIRE (my #1 choice)

Every year Canadian Tire’s CANVAS collection continues to out do themselves.  I’ve been a fan of their holiday shopping for years and have been so thankful to partner with them on projects in the last year. This year their ROSE collection is catching my eye! Maybe it’s because baby girl is arrive soon, I want some more PINK decor throughout the home!


Fun fact? One of my first part time jobs was at Pier 1!  I started during the holidays and remember how happy I was every day going into work in a Christmas wonderland.  Just last week Ko and I bought our kitchen table from them and I couldn’t help but pick up some new decor pieces while we were there.


Chapters/Indigo is a favourite hangout of mine on a regular day, add in during Christmas and I’m as happy as a bird with a french fry.  I have my eye on a few decor items this year including THESE mini frosted trees.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit a Christmas tree in our family room so I want mini tree’s on our shelves, storage units to make the room feel festive!  This is also my go-to for gifts – in fact, I just ordered a bunch of presents for my little cousins and friends kids from here.


Just walking into a store during the holidays makes me feel like I’m walking into a winter wonderland.  The pieces are a little higher so I usually just get a few staple pieces I’ll have for years to come.  Like our classic red velvet stockings and reindeer stocking holders!


My favourite way to kill time over the holidays.  I can’t drive by a Homesense without stopping by.  It’s like Target.  You don’t go to homesense to buy something, you go to Homesense and it shows you what you need to buy!


My favourite place to shop for unique items during the holidays.  I love how different their decor is.  While its a little more pricier I always splurge on a few items I know I’ll love for the years to come.  I LOVE their ornaments especially.  Perfect gifts and perfect additions to your own collection.  This year to honour buying our first home I’m going to purchase THIS ornament – how cute?  I also may snag THIS tree topper for the kids tree in the playroom.



I’ve been using minted since 2013 for my Christmas cards.  Every year they just get better and better.  So many talented artists submit their designs and you can pick / customize colours on whatever card you like.  They are quick, easy and good quality too! You can also shop an amazing assortment of wrapping paper too!

Happy decorating & stay tuned for lots more holiday content coming your way!