Introducing: #awlchallenge

As you may have read over in this post my word for 2018 is CREATE.

I decided to say no to a bunch of things this year in order to have more time to be creative.  I also wanted to connect more with YOU guys and have something we could all do together to push our creativity and in turn build momentum towards hitting our goals.

Ever have those weeks where you are just on fire and killing it? You’re walking around like ohhh yeah baby I got this – look at me! And then suddenly you just hit a wall that stops you in your tracks (*ahem* self-sabotage) and before you know it two weeks have gone by and you’re desperately trying to climb back up the imaginary mountain to get back that feeling when you were on your A game?

One of my favourite quotes from Todd Herman is: “As entrepreneurs you can have a bad day but cannot have a bad week”

I noticed a distinct correlation between my increased momentum when I was creating and putting content out I was excited about vs. when I wasn’t creating anything and a week would go by the momentum stops.  Those weeks were you are working IN your business vs. working ON your business.  They key is to keep the momentum while not burning out and keeping things fun.


I was playing a game of hide and go seek with J and he just started saying “where’d it go” and holding his hands out – adorable (this kid slay’s my heart daily).  I wanted to remember this moment. Every day now he’s doing new hilarious things.  I had to freeze time and bottle them up.  That’s when I had the polka-dot hide n go seek photo idea! I had been wanting to add colour to our “play area” this seemed like the perfect time.  We made the circles, and started to create the vision.

Above: From my IG stories: You can watch more of the the BTS on my IG archives stories

I had been wanting to start some kind of creativity challenge and this seemed like the perfect time to kick it off. The theme? COLOUR

I invited everyone to join in (partially totally worried no one would join in ha) and sure enough slowly everyone started entering and I was SO excited!

For those of you who joined in, thank you SO much.  You have no idea how happy it made me seeing all your colourful images! I tried to include everyone below.

Here are some of my favourites:

Stay tuned for a BTS from February’s challenge!

And don’t forget to join in!

Lots of love, Anna