My best kept styling secret…

This post was sponsored by Command® Brand Canada! All opinions (and deep love) for these products are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands who make this blog possible!

Ever wonder how I manage to change up my gallery walls all the time or style epic office spaces for my branding clients?  Well, today I’m spilling the beans on the product that makes it all possible…

I’ve been using Command® Brand products since the beginning of my business.  When I was about to open my print shop, I wanted to style my prints nicely and my mom was the one who recommended I use Command® Brand Hanging Strips (she’s been using their Clear Hooks to decorate for Christmas for as long as I can remember).

The reason I love this brand so much is it’s non-destructive nature. You can virtually style and create anything and not worry about damaging the walls. We even used the hooks to hang our balloon garland at the banquet hall for J’s baptism – once we were done we took them off – easy peasy – no damage done.

I promise this is the solution to all of your styling and decorating needs! You will become as obsessed as I’ve been all these years.

This Christmas, I teamed up with Command® Brand to show you how easy it is to switch up your decor for the holidays. I was challenged to create two different Holiday themes, so we created: a white Christmas theme & a traditional Christmas theme.  Keep on scrolling to discover the magic! And don’t forget to comment and tell me which style you like better…white or traditional Christmas?


You can definitely measure your gallery walls or eye ball it like I do! I attach the Command® Brand Picture Hanging Strips to the back of your prints and then peel off the wall side tape and stick it right where you’d like it (just be sure to follow all the package instructions for the best results).  Virtually all the prints in our condo have Picture Hanging Strips on the back hehe!

My mom and I totally geek’ed out on these beautiful Crystal Knob – how gorgeous are they?! I was worried about hanging the stockings with our heavy silver reindeer stocking holders now that our little one is running around.  We actually weren’t going to put them up at all until Christmas day which bummed me out but when I saw these knobs, I knew it was the perfect solution.

These tiny hooks will become your best friend when styling for the holidays.  We placed them on the fireplace and then hooked in the garland and did the same on the other side to secure it to the fireplace for the perfect look.

And a little easy swap to a more traditional Christmas look! Which do you prefer?

Decor: Canadian Tire Canvas Collection