Every year it feels like Christmas comes faster and faster.  It feels like I blink on Halloween and before I know it it’s end of November and the race to the 25th begins.

With that beings said every year I feel like we’re becoming better and better and getting most of the “busy” to-do’s done in November so that come December 1st our schedule is filled with activities and outings that fill our hearts up with good juju.  Know what I mean?

I was lucky enough back in July to get invited to go see all of Canadian Tire’s CANVAS collection for the holidays.  As always, they didn’t disappoint.  Some of you might remember me going a bit overboard with Christmas decor last year at Canadian Tire for J’s first Christmas? I had to call Ko to come meet me and my mom because the stuff I bought didn’t fit into one car.  Needless to say I was excited to get a sneak peek this year!

My favourite collection was their alpine white collection.  We are changing up our decor this year for a bit of a change and I’m so excited!

Keep scrolling for our Christmas To-Do’s!

  1. GIVE BACK! (more on this to come)
  2. Decorate Our Home
  3. Visit a Christmas Market
  4. Cut down a fresh tree (we do this every year with my in-laws & its so fun)
  5. Make a cozy home theatre in our condo (for watching Disney movies with J)
  6. Send out Christmas cards
  7. Go Carolling (I did this every year with my church growing up and I miss it so)
  8. Visit Santa
  9. Bake Christmas cookies
  10. Make ornaments with J (I love homemade ornaments)
  11. Go Skating
  12. Build a snowman (I cannot wait to see J in the snow!)

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed holiday season!


Lots of love