Creating a new collection is usually a long process.  At first, I would just show up to new places – have a few shots in my mind that I wanted to create but would leave a lot to chance and happy accidents.  Getting lost, finding beautiful corners and pockets to capture.

Nowadays it’s more of a 60/40 mix.  I do research before, triple check where the lighting will be (once we climbed up an old castle for sunset but I didn’t even consider where the sun was setting – it was all wrong and we should have gone in the morning but were leaving the following day) Live and learn – now I always check where everything is facing and what time is best for me to arrive.

For example:  In Santorini I knew I wanted the Oia Town and Fira Town shots before we arrived, what I didn’t plan for was all the between shots.  The shots that I captured as I explored with my camera as a quiet observer early in the morning just as the tow was waking up.  I still love to leave time for the unexpected, time to just explore and see what jumps out at me.  Sometimes I’ll visit the same spot twice and even go out twice to photograph it, once to scope it one – bit of reconnaissance and then go back upload review and see if I got the shot or want to tweak it at all. Of course sometimes that’s not possible because we’ll be leaving the next day so I try to always get it right the first time.

Other times, the print I want is completely premeditated and planned.  For the frappe shot I knew from about 6 months before I wanted a collection of frappe shots – I had the image in my mind and ensured I would have access to an infinity pool to “Get the shot”.

I remember in London we had to go back to Big Ben 3-4 times to get it right.  I figured London is always cloudy we’d be fine but every time we arrived to shoot it was blasting sun (murphy’s law right? Never a dull moment).

Ko snapped this of me while I was creating THIS print.  One of my favourites

I love this photo above because it’s usually how I pose for photos – never quite sure what do to with my hands and bit awkward – totally prefer the other side of the camera! lol

Laptop + Frappe + Poolside

During this trip we visited Sparti, Greece where my father is from with the  entire family it was the first time we were all there together in 20 years.  Was quite the perfect few days – had to get this shirt for the occasion!

Confession: I’m not the best at relaxing, after about 20min I get the urge to write, plan or create.  I used to get frustrated with myself – now I just embrace it and during the time I “should” be relaxing I use it for “fun” work.

Frappe game strong

I always travel with my polaroid printer – I love printing candid shots and either gifting them of keeping them for us

Selfie while we play with long exposures – this is while I was creating THIS print

The best spots are usually the ones right off the side of the road

I’ll usually pay a bit extra when we are booking hotels for the nice view.  We spend a lot of time at the hotel between shoots, going over what I photographed, its always nice to enjoy a gorgeous view while working!

Taking a break in the 40 degree weather

Santorini, Greece

Over the years I’ve gotten better and making ‘work’ feeling also like ‘play’ – if we’re shooting at sunset we’ll get dressed up and have a fun night out afterwards

I get asked pretty often how I became a photographer and the truth is it’s all thanks to traveling.  That’s how I started.  Me, my camera, wandering new places and capturing what stood out and inspired me.  It’s because of this that I’ll forever feel most comfortable, inspired and alive when its just me and my camera exploring a new place and capturing it’s beauty.  It’s when I feel in my element most.

Have any more Q’s? Comment below or email them to and I’ll do another blog post soon answering them XO

Lots of love