The June Motel Fashion Story

Last month I ventured out with my creative bestie Stephanie to have a fun day-date shooting a fashion story at the latest hot spot in Ontario – The June Motel!  I was smitten at first sight – there was no detail too small they didn’t think of.  The owners are not only super cool they are extremely kind which just makes me love The June Motel that much more!

Behind the Scenes | ‘The Details’

It’s always a treat for me when Stephanie and I team up to create something – we are almost always in sync and often are envisioning the same look / style without even discussing it before.   I get asked a lot about tips when you’re starting out to become a photographer and this is a big one.  Find like minded creatives at the same level as you- who you jive with and create together!  I barely have to communicate when I’m working with Steph I make one hand signal behind the camera and she knows exactly what to do.

We were on the phone before the shoot and didn’t have a ‘set’ creative plan for what we wanted to capture.  There was a loose idea of course but we decided to figure out the logistics when we got there.  Steph told me she’s bringing flowing gowns (she knows they are my favourite to photograph) and I told her we needed to do something epic and ended with I’m bringing the smoke bombs.

Once we arrived we laid out the looks and then started to match them with which area/room would go best.  A pretty photo is great but I always like to make sure there is somewhat of a story behind it.  Example: the outside shots were a mix of arriving with the suitcase, ‘morning’ outside your motel room and smoke bomb goodness.  The outfits and accessories matched these themes.

Once the outfits are matched to the location we tackled which to start first. We were shooting all natural light for this photo shoot and I noticed the front of the building was still going to be in the shade for about two hours – so we started with those shots and then head inside to do the indoor locations.  Usually I like to check out the location in advance and map out the sequence but when that’s not an option arrive early and make your game plan.


Canon MK III

Canon24-70mm 2.8

Canon 50mm 1.2

*I also brought some clear christmas ornaments (image  below) which I keep in my kit and place them infront of my lens for that glowing look like in the image below.  You can use just about anything around you to achieve this look – I love these ornaments because it gives off a white – pink-ish glow.

I used the ornament above to make the subtle glow in the photo below

The Final Images

(my favourites)

For more info about The June Motel click here
For details on the clothing check out Steph’s blog

As always if you have any more Q’s you’d like me to answer comment below and I’ll answer them in blog posts to come!

Lots of love