Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes moments so dear
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?
How about Looooovvveee….
I can’t help but sing this as I start writing this post…

It’s currently 11:52pm on July 31st – this time last year I was nearing the end of my 24hr + labour and our sweet baby boy would be making his appearance at 12:20am.  I would do it all again in a heart beat and I’m now sitting here trying to wrap my head around the fact that it has already been a year! 365 days of pure love.

This little nugget is full of personality and already so mischievous and so affectionate.  He loves to hold hands, cuddle and Ko’s family dog Argo which he calls “Cow”…actually he calls all animals “cow”.

We put J to bed around 9pm and Ko and I started to go through all the photos we’ve taken over the the last year – not just the polished photos but the real raw personal photos that really capture our lives this past year.  How we got so lucky to be this little ones parents I’ll never know but I thank God a dozen times a day that he blessed us with him…

AUGUST 1ST 2016 | 12:20am 7lbs 3oz

Welcome to the world sweet John (‘Yianni’) Argiropoulos

 I love that he’s smirking in this photo above.  I will never forget how scared we were driving home from the hospital that day!
My grandmother meeting her great-grandson – such a special moment and so thankful we have this photo.  He adores her and always grabs her face and pauses when he sees her.

I remember how exhausted we were, they warn you but you never really know just how sleep devrived you’ll be till it happens hehe

My first time photographing my little nugget – 10 days old. 


One month old
And so begins our monthly themed photos! I had seen so many people do this with flowers and cool ideas, I loved this cool idea to capture their first year of life.  I did a little mix and wanted to pick a new theme every month and it worked perfectly since his birthday was on the 1st!
This was the the day after we rushed him to Sick Kids.  Scariest moment of my life.  We gave him a full feed of formula since my milk was still straggling to come in.  He was lethargic and wouldn’t wake up fully no matter what we tried, getting him naked, wetting him with water his eyes would just open and shut.  This kid was usually up and alert every 2 hrs so was very unsettling – thankfully it was nothing at by the time they saw us at 2:30am he was starting to get his groove back.  What they gathered was that the formula was way too heavy for him once it left his system he was back to normal and we got a lighter formula for him.  I remember Ko and I saying half laughing half dead serious….so we could have been sleeping for the last 8 hours?! Haha new parent moments!
Our first family wedding!
My brother got married so we got all fancy which was a welcome change from 3 day old baggy clothes
As soon as my in-laws found out I was in labour they rushed to the nursery and bought this apple tree to plant in their backyard for J they planted it on the day he was born and its now his tree – how adorable and thoughtful is that?!
The soccer inception begins now…


Just a tiny cub with his mini PSL latte hehe
His facial expressions are my favourite even to this day
New Mom Life = Walks + Starbucks
Trip to the apple orchard

I can’t even tell you how handy this trunk as been this year, from feedings to changing I use it all the time when we are out.
J’s first halloween! 


I think this was my favourite month photo! Just like his baba
Dressing him quickly became my favourite thing to do! Boys clothes have come such a long way!
Above, our first photo shoot together!
Below, family selfie on Ko’s birthday


Tis’ the season
Little elf ready for his first job interview! 


New year, new you
On his name day we baptized our sweet boy! I love these photos by Elaine Fancy on his day.


Will you be my valentine?
These outfits are still my favourite!
One of my favourite photos – nothings special just grocery shopping but it was his first time sitting in the cart and we thought it was just the cutest thing ever


There always after me lucky charms
Ohh yes, lots and lots of coffee
His first flight and trip to NYC to surprise his Aunt for her 16th birthday!
Little Artist at the MET


Ready for an easter egg hunt!
He loves Starbucks just like his mama and grandma!
Story time and nap time with baba – his little legs up on Ko kills me – if you know my husband you know the man loves his naps!


 May you travel the world little one!
He may look like his father but his appetite and love of food is totally his mother hehe
I don’t know why we bother buying toys?Remote controls, phones and play station controllers are all they want!
Whatchadoing ma?


Kowabunga dudes!
Peace out!
He loves the swings and is absolutely petrified of the slides…he cried because the little kids were sliding down and kept reaching for them like to tell them not to?! lol 
First time in the pool, took him about 20 minutes to get in and then he loved it!
I dont know what it is about these hand photos but I have so many in my phone, I want to remember all the little moments, how small his hand was, him always reaching to hold mine.


Family photo from his first birthday party!
I love seeing the world through his eyes
He’s so wiggly now but he loves Moana (we fast forward to the songs) so when I want a few moments of cuddles I put it on and snuggle him (hehe)
AUGUST 1st, 2017

You are our biggest blessing.

We love you forever and always our sweet boy.
– Mom & Dad xo