A few weeks ago I teamed up with Canadian Tire to kick off the summer season and host some of my nearest and dearest in a little faux-summer soiree! My theme was Deckside Cool – so much fun vibrant colours which fits my style perfectly.  I’m continuously impressed with Canadian Tire’s Canvas Collection, season after season they nail beautiful design mixed with quality and functionality.

Living in a condo (without a balcony) every year around this time Kosta and I start to get that itch to move into a home.  We love being outside and we truly cannot wait for the day when we can host parties in our backyard complete with BBQ, poolside fun and fabulous drinks!  The theme of our party was dockside cool – complete with beach balls and a flamingo floaty I think it was safe to say we had the the most fun section!
Was so fun to have my cousins along for the evening! 
I was so delighted to see that some of the pillows and plates patterns were from my talented client and friend Avril Loreti! Woohoo!
There were other booths around the event space which were equally was gorgeous these were my favourite!
After our own party we ventured out into the “backyard” this area was incredible.  Our hearts were swooning and heads bursting with backyard inspiration.
This was Kosta’s favourite area, he whispered to me during the event he can’t wait to do this with J when he’s older.
Thanks for joining me! And if you’re lucky to have a backyard or patio run dont walk to Canadian Tire asap.  Who wouldn’t want this in their backyard?
Lots of love



  • sue says:

    The Cdn Tire stuff is impressive. Need to check out their Canvas Collection 🙂
    The photo posting after their pineapple lights features hanging lights from another booth you loved. What booth was this? Thanks.