It’s time to brighten our skin for spring! Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Before I became a mom I loved and looked forward to my skincare regime.  I would take off all my make up without fail every night, do a face mask as I read or watched TV then went back for toner, serum, cream, under eye cream ending with a mist.  The next morning I’d wake up, quick wash with water and again morning serum, eye cream, moisturizer etc.

Then I became pregnant and I was so thankful because those preggo hormones have been very kind to my sensitive skin!  Not a blemish, pimple, or any texture in sight for the last year.  As I type that out I can’t believe it myself.  It’s been smooth, blissful sailing…

But that’s all changed the last month.

As I’ve slowed down nursing I feel my body going back to pre-bebe ‘normal’ and with all the hormones leaving my body it’s taking my good skin (and hair) with it.

On average we get 4-5 hours of sleep a night since bebe J was born (yes he still isn’t sleeping through the night and yes we are *trying* to work on it for all our sakes but that’s for a different post…)

My once nightly and daily skincare ritual hasn’t happened consecutively for more than 2 days.  And I go to bed with make up on more times in the last 7 months than I have in the last 7 years.  When the little one goes down I’m right behind him and usually am asleep before my head hits the pillow.  I usually have no energy to moisturize let alone do a 4-step process.

My skin the last month has been…well…let’s just say I’ve needed more make up than usual.  If I could have the ‘pretty’ snapchat filter applied permanently to my face that would swell.  I missed waking up feeling fresh and looking at the mirror and feeling ‘healthy’ skin.

My goal for spring is to start taking better care of myself.  Easier said than done (I know) but with warmer days ahead, working on getting the little guy to sleep through the night and being closer than ever to fitting into my skinny jeans I’d say it’s time to get back into some ‘me’ time at night and in the morning.

First step, buy some new products I’ve had my eye on for a while to get excited about my skincare regime again!

Keep scrolling to see what my top 7 picks are.  These are game-changing. Enjoy!

Darphin Paris
I’ve posted about this product here before but it’s still my go-to favourite and I’m still as in love with it as when I first tried it.  My skin is so sensitive especially lately, the tiniest irritation usually erupts in red patches.  I’ve started using it again more religiously in my routines and can see such a difference.  Anything Darphin you can’t go wrong! I’ve never been disappointed with this brand!  It’s almost empty and I’ll be buying a new bottle of goodness once it’s out.
Magic in a bottle. Literally.
I first bought the SK-II Essence two years ago when I was in NY for fashion week with Steph.  At the time it wasn’t available in Canada and I’m SO pumped it’s finally available at Sephora Canada.  This is definitely a splurge item but one that you won’t regret.  I’ll cheap out on shoes, clothes and accessories if it means I can spend a little extra on good skincare products.  After my promise to take better care of myself and using this for 2 days I noticed a huge improvement!
You know it’s time to step up your under eye moisturizer game when the guy working at Sephora in NYC who’s helping you match a concealer says ‘and your using a good eye cream…right hun?’ I replied, I have a 7 month old and haven’t slept in months ain’t no cream going to help me! Haha – He was hilarious and very helpful (I love honesty!)  After I left it did cross my mind that when I got back to Toronto I’d go visit my local Sephora and get fixed up with a good eye cream.  They recommended the Caudalie Vine Activ Energizing Smoothing Eye Cream – it’s very moisturizing and helps prevent again plus brightens…yes yes yes exactly what I need.  I can see this becoming a ride-or-die favourite real quick!
First Aid Beauty
I don’t know what’s taken me so long to jump on the first-aid bandwagon but here I am jazzed and excited! I am very generous when I apply my moisturizer I mean I lather it on thick and all over my neck and décolletage.  At $37, this is a steal for an incredible moisturizer and look how HUGE the package is?! I was floored.  If you need a budget friendly moisturizer that will last you or that you won’t feel like you need to use it sparingly give this a try! You will love it.
Glam Glow
Okay Glam Glow, you lived up to the hype more than I ever thought you would! Seriously, this stuff is incredible.  Asked for the best mask to brighten, tighten and give my skin a fresh look and feel.  The girl at Sephora recommended this and also suggested I use it when I have a big night out and want your make up to feel amazing.  When I rinsed it off it was like my skin was baby soft and felt like that dull, tired, dry winter layer was gone!  I’m so excited about this mask!
Kate Somerville
This tiny bottle of goodness was my go-to in high school!! Now that my skin is getting blemishes I had to re-buy this to help clear that up.  This stuff lasts for a long time – you put a q-tip in and then dab right on your problem spots.
These are my favourite sheet masks and worth every penny.  I bought them when I bought the essence two years ago and they make such a visible difference! That’s the thing when you’re splurging on a product you want (and except) to see visible results quick.  I haven’t regretted that purchase once. And now that my skin is giving me the same problems I know these will help get my skin on track real quick!
DOUBLE YOUR VALUE | There is a LOT of serum in each pack.  I used each pack twice to squeeze out 20 masks vs just 10.  I would carefully fold the sheet mask up again after I used it once and put it back in the package and move around the serum to cover it.  The next night I’d use it again. It didn’t stick to my face as good as the first time but still did the job right!
Hope this guide helps you up your spring skincare regime and gets you excited and ready for the warmer months ahead!
Lots of love,
Join me!
Thank you to Sephora Canada for sponsoring this post, all reviews, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.