If you’ve been following me on social media and here on the blog you’ll have seen how much I’ve been loving Charlotte Tilbury make up the last few months.  We photographed this tutorial while I was still pregnant and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all.

I brought the incredible @Dessideb on board for this tutorial.  She has been part of the AWL glam squad since the beginning and she’s the only person I trust whole heartedly to do my make up – she did my wedding make up as well as all my clients make up.  I have learned so much about make up from her over the years and I’m pretty sure all my clients become immediately obsessed with her once she works her magic on their faces!

What I love about Deb is her ability to make your features shine, she really looks at the persons face and knows how to enhance your natural beauty! Basically? Deb is pretty much my favourite and always a blast to have on set with me!

I love this look, so easy to re-create and make it your own.  The last photo in the grid above is our final day-time look.  See below for the step by step and also how we took it to the nighttime look!

Start with the Magic Foundation
Next step: Sculpt and Highlight with the Bronze and Glow
Okay you guys, I raved about this in my favourites video and it’s still my go-to its amazing and worth every penny
Takeaway Tip | Blush after highlight
Deb did a natural contour, my cheekbones, the corners of my forehead and a little sculpting on my nose.  I love that she did the highlight before the blush, which made it blend so nicely.
The CT blusher brush is amazing and the blush we used is called ‘Love is the Drug
Add blush with a swish and flick!
We created this look with the uptown girl eyeshadow palette
A little feline flick with CT’s Liquid Eye Pencil
We used CT’s KISSING lipstick in ‘Bitch Perfect‘ and ‘Pillow Talk‘ lip liner
From here using the same ‘uptown girl’ palette you add more of the darker tones to the corner of your eyes to create a more intense smoky eye perfect for night-time!
Don’t forget to switch up your lipstick for nighttime!
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This was the first tutorial Debbie and I shot together and it was hilarious – we learned a lot – and by learned a lot I mean what we can do to improved these tutorials for the future (note to self have a third person to photograph the process photographs ;D)

We photographed this in the spring and since then my love for all the Charlotte Tilbury products has only grown!

Look out for more beauty content in the coming months, it’s such a big part of my portrait business and I’m excited to share more tips from me and from Deb you can apply every day!

Lots of love,

Let’s be better friends!