Hey again all! As promised in this post I’m back with round two of (And yes I realize this is two weeks later as I wrote in that post…well remember what I said? life happens and doing my best to present in every moment – better late than never!)

I did a ton of research + asked my mama besties to see what I would need packed in my hospital bag. See below for what you don’t want to forget and what I learned for next time!


Your own pillow | It won’t be a shock when I tell you that labour isn’t the most comfortable experience lol bringing your own pillow will give you a bit of comfort of the familiar (plus hospital pillows aren’t very comfortable!)
Nursing Bra | I was already wearing a nursing bra leading up to giving birth, find a good one that’s both comfortable and gives you a ton of support!
Cardigan | One minute I was so hot and the next I was freezing cold, bring a comfy soft cardigan you can easily get in and out of to keep yourself comfortable!
Cute Robe | I didn’t do this and next time I will, pack a cute robe to cover up for evenings or early mornings.  Plus it will look super cute in photos! (also I forgot to add it above but be sure to bring lose comfortable pants! Nothing fitted ladies)
Cotton Undies | Something soft and comfortable and on the bigger side! Nothing fitted (trust me) but that doesn’t mean you have to bring ugly granny panties…you can still look cute! I loved these ones from Thyme Maternity
Flip Flops | Hospital floors + hospital bathroom + swollen feet…need I say more? Pack them.
Comfy Socks | Again, your ever changing temperature will love you if you have some cozy comfortable socks! I love paring thick socks with shorts or a swing dress.
Hydrating mist | I didn’t do this enough and I paid the price afterwards my skin felt so dehydrated.  Next time around I’ll keep a hydrating mist close by to give myself a little boost along the way.  Also next time I’ll be sure to drink 2x as much water!
Lip Balm | I had NO idea how dry your lips get, I didn’t even realize it until it was too late. I pushed for almost 2 hours and during a break between contractions my nurse asked if I brought any, only then it dawned on me I did and wasn’t using it! Keep it close by you will need it!
Hair Clips Hair Ties | Bless the moment who keep their hair down but I cannot stand to keep my hair down for too long (I always have hair ties with me and even when Ko and I go out for dinners will usually clip it up before we eat lol).  Bring lots!
Nipple Cream | I won’t get into too much detail here but please if you’re reading this and pregnant with your first bebe load up on this and use it right from the beginning. I started using it way too late (ouch!).
Make Up | For obvious reasons, the next day you’ll want to stick on a bit of make up! I packed so much and ironically enough I didn’t have one moment to put any on. We have a big fat Greek family lol there was zero time the next day to get myself ready for guests! (I brought WAY more than I needed and because of the hecticness of the following day I didn’t even have time to put any on!) TIP, tell your visitors to come bit later on in the day to give you some time to rest and get ready! My favourite: Blush, Mascara, Eye Lash Curler & Foundation
Chargers |You’ll want to keep everyone in the loop and snap a few photos so keep them handy! I also was listening to music via youtube so thank goodness we had chargers to keep the juice going.
Your most beloved skincare | While I didn’t get a chance to put on any make up I did have 5 min to pamper my skin and I was SO grateful I packed all my luxious favourites.  After 24 hours of labour putting on a soothing serum and moisturizer felt like life! If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen I’ve been l-o-v-i-n-g dermalogica.  I also adore Darphin Paris and Keihls.
Camera | You’ll want to capture all the amazing moments and maybe you’ll want more than iPhone photos so bring along your camera and snap away (especially as all your family members meet your bundle of joy for the first time!)
Hospital Bag |  bought this one from Sole Society but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time! I loved that it has a special compartment for all your shoes at the bottom, have already used it as an overnight bag a few times and it’s perfect (and chic too!)


Car Seat | This one doesn’t need any explain, you want to bring your bebe home? You’ll need a car seat 🙂 We decided to go with the Peg Perego in Licorice after my mama bestie raved about it! So far 2.5 months in we love it!

Onesie | I couldn’t help but giggle when I was folding the tiny baby clothes, I don’t think there is anything cuter! My favourite brands so far? Petit Lem, Gap Kids & Carter’s

Undershirt | You’ll want to protect your little ones skin and keep them warm.  I love shopping for funny graphic shirts like these or these adorable ones with a little lamb

Baby Wash | I’m not sure about the rest of the world but in Canada the hospital provides you with Johnsons and Johnsons (which I’m not a fan of) I was so relieved I had my travel sized baby wash from The Honest Company on hand (even the nurse told me she hates using Johnsons and was glad I brought my own!) I also carry it around with me now in my diaper bag (just incase J has a huge blowout and wipes don’t cut it! haha)

Hat | Babies in hats…need I say more? Protect their soft heads and keep them cozy (will totally complete the ‘going home’ outfit too!) I love these from Gap Kids.

Diapers | My mama bestie told me they loved Pampers Swaddles and they were right! I tired a bunch of other brands but kept coming back to

Wipes | I forgot to put this in the collage above but wipes are a must! I love the The Honest Co and also the baby boo bamboo!

Blankets | You’ll need to stock up on blankets all different thicknesses! For thin swaddle blankets I loved the patters of Modern Burlap, I also LOVE the gymboree blankets my little sister called them ‘nani’s’ which has stuck – these guys are always cool and soft and love these thick winter blankets from Nordstrom (so pumped it’s finally in Toronto!)

I love that Bebe J is smiling in this photo!


I always knew I wanted to breastfeed but after hearing many stories of ‘milk not coming‘ I was prepared to be okay if it didn’t happen for me.  I decided I would give it my all and if it didn’t work, that would be fine!  Well, I wish it was as simple as that.  I was not expecting how emotional it would be in the beginning before the milk came in.  My milk was very slow to come in, took almost 4 weeks to really start.  There were lots of times I really had no idea if it was doing it right, I was worried that he wasn’t getting enough, I went to a lactation clinic and all.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more determined and stubborn in my life to get something to work!

If you are preggo for the first time please be aware that in some cases pushing through is not the way to go.  I have heard of and know many women where breastfeeding didn’t work, my mother being a prime example, she struggled to breastfeed my brother and I for one month she simply didn’t have enough!  I also have another friend who got mastitis and had to stop, and another friend who did push through and ended up with worse medical problems because of it.  You have to listen to your body and do what is best to keep YOU healthy because only then will be able to care for your sweet bebe!  Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything or make you feel bad about your choices – I truly believe there is no right or wrong.  If you want to go right to formula you go right ahead, you want to breastfeed till your baby is two years old? All the power to you!

Bebe J was latching great (though we had some rough times at the beginning *ouch* I won’t get into detail here) and my milk was coming it, it just wasn’t coming in fast enough! Because of this, I was stubborn and determined and wanted to give it my all to before throwing in the towel. So, if you’re looking for how to increase your milk supply here are four things I did that really helped and worked for me! 

Liquids Liquids Liquids!Water, Soup, Chicken Broth – rinse and repeat – this is your new diet! I was chugging back the water like no ones business and basically just ate soups 5x a day (gets in your liquids and also so many vitamins packed inside).  Thanks to my mother in law, mama and new sister in law they stocked me up and my freezer still has frozen soup ready to be defrosted.  Within the first 5 days my mother handed me a cup of chicken soup broth and a straw (?!) I looked at her like she’d lost her mind haha, she said drink it! So I did and she made me a huge pitcher of it and would poor it after feedings in a mug with a straw (was actually tastier than it sounded)

OatmealI had this for breakfast almost everyday for 7 weeks (I’ve stopped the last few weeks because quite frankly I think I made myself sick from eating so much) but totally helped! The days I didn’t have any I would noticed a difference.

SupplementsI started taking Brewers Yeast Powder and would stir it into a cup of orange juice twice a day (wasn’t fun to drink but I did it) I’ve since switched to the pill forms (so much better!).  I also take 4 Fenuere Greek tablets – caution: it will make you smell of maple syrup but it passes I promise haha – just last week I forgot to take my supplements for two days and noticed I was pumping less than usual so they really do work.

Relax | I struggled with this one (surprise surprise!) If you’re tense the milk just won’t flow, even now if I have a stressful day my milk supply is the first thing thats affected! I had read and been told to think of bebe J when I pumped or to look at photos and videos so it will help the milk flow…I don’t know if I’m wired wrong but at the beginning because I was so worried about ‘supply’ if I thought of Bebe J while pumping I was too aware that it was so more milk would come and then I would be more tense thinking I better pump enough to feed my baby boy! The best for me was to be distracted and calm.  Either watching Kosta and him playing, on Pinterest, watching modern family, or laughing on the phone with a friend…if I’m distracted and calm it flows!

Out of all of these, the last one really is the biggest one! I was at my parents house feeling frustrated my milk hadn’t come in and I remember my aunt looked at me and said bluntly I needed to relax and stop putting pressure on myself. She said her milk took over a month to properly come in (I hadn’t heard that before).  Hearing her say that I immediately calmed down and felt a bit of hope – that night was the first time I pumped 5oz (!!!)…coincidence? I think not.

Hope this helps some of you! 

Stroller – Bugaboo Cameleon  | Dress – Monique Lhuillier
Bebe J’s first wedding!
About a week after I found out I was pregnant my big bro and future sister in law booked their wedding date – September 3rd – we quickly did the math and realized that our bebe would be 1 month old at their wedding! Everyone assured us that it would be totally do-able and fine.  It was so fun getting bebe J dressed up for the occasion and after a month of wearing leggings and lose tops was nice to get dolled up!
I love that Yianni wore my brothers bow tie from when he was a baby
If you’re attending a big function with a newborn I learned it’s important to go with the flow, be over prepared and plan ahead! This was a day of pumping on the go (quite literally in traffic on highway down to the church), nursing while my hair was getting done and leaning on my family to help us enjoy the celebration…oh and lots of coffee of course!
Above is possibly my favourite photo I’ve taken since bebe J was born – I love this special moment between father and son
A little family selfie! 
Hope you all enjoyed this post!
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