One of the things Kosta and I discuss frequently is how quickly time seems to be flying by now that we’re parents.  November 1st will mark J turning 3 months old – 3 months!? I feel like he was just born yesterday.  Kosta and I both run our own businesses and while I’m not back to work full time just yet – you really don’t get a ‘maternity’ leave when you’re a biz owner.

In hopes of slowing down time for us to enjoy these moments with our new bebe I had the idea to create little bucket lists for each season that we wanted to do as a family.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how important family is to me.  We all have family traditions we grew up with and one of the things I’m most excited about is creating new family traditions for my own family that we can look forward to yearly!

Sometimes (okay most of the time) I get excited and get ahead of myself – when we sat down to write our ‘Fall Bucket List’ I quickly listed 10 things we could do.  I quickly realized (*cough* Ko was the voice of reason) that it was probably an overly ambitious amount of activities to do with a newborn, so we picked just two to do knowing we could actually make it happen and enjoy it – The Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard.


When your boots match your stroller (can you guess my favourite colour?)
My sweet boys
We have been loving our Bugaboo Stroller
It’s proven to be so durable (and not to mention how cute it looks!)
This cute outfit is from Carter’s and Gap

I love the look in J’s eyes in the above photo discovering the world around him
Fun fact? I’m allergic to apples! I can have them baked just not raw (I know so weird).
I cannot tell you all just how much I miss biting into one – I became allergic in elementary school

These were Spencer Apples, Ko said they were delicious! I said I would bake Apple Crumble to try them myself…I didn’t get around to the crumble and we gave the apples away to our family haha…well theres always next year!

My favourite tracksuit to dress J up in (I got it in another colour for the next size up too!)
This is the same bugaboo stroller as above – I love that you can purchase different colour covers to customize your stroller based on what you’re doing! Example? We needed our stroller to be ‘black tie’ ready for my brothers wedding so swapped it for an all black look as you see above (so chic!)

Looking forward to sitting down this week and writing our Winter Bucket List! Christmas is my favourite time of year and telling you all how excited I am that it’s J’s first Christmas would be a serious understatement!

Hope you all enjoyed our snaps from the Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard! Comment below and let me know what are your own family traditions for this time of year?

Lots of love


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