As I sit to right this I am 3 days away from my due date.  Our sweet little bebe could arrive at any moment so it felt fitting to finally share these photographs from our little maternity shoot!  To say there is a buzz of excitement around here these days would be a massive understatement.  Every day every single message, phone call and snapchat are from friends and family all eagerly asking if I’m in labour.  Hurry little one, we all cannot wait to meet you!

All the photographs you see were taken by my wonderful mama (I got it from my mama) and Kosta.  The fact that it was them two capturing these images just makes me love them that much more.  They both seriously impressed me with these shots and so grateful to them!
Continue reading below for all my favourite moments of being pregnant, some funny ones too and for my maternity can’t live withouts…


Without a doubt the greatest part of pregnancy has been feeling our sweet bebe move around inside me.  I remember the first time I felt those little flutters holding so still and holding my breath waiting to feel it again to be sure I didn’t mistake it for something else.  As my belly grew, his kicks got stronger and stronger (sometimes he would press on mama’s bladder at the worse possible time but even running to the bathroom made me laugh to myself and love this little one more).   
The look on Ko’s face when he felt the first little kick…right up to now at 9 months when quite literally my entire belly moves up/down/left/right.  Most of our family and friends have felt him move about but I think what I love most is that every night no matter what time as soon as I lay down in bed and it’s just Kosta and I that’s when our bebe is most active.  Its been our favourite pastime throughout the entire pregnancy and want to hold onto these first memories and moments as a family…
Of course, another fun part about pregnancy is getting to see everyones reactions when we told them we were expecting – we caught majority of them on video (some were absolutely hilarious and others still make me tear up like the one when I told Ko he was going to be a father).  I know i’ll never share these publicly but so glad we have them for ourselves and cannot wait to show our bebe when he gets older!
Last but not least…from the moment I found out I was pregnant a wave of humility swept over me.  I don’t think I can describe the amount of gratitude and thankfulness I’ve felt over the last 9 months.  Even throughout the inevitable chaos that is life, a stressful day, a busy week, looming deadlines whenever I reach down and hold my growing bump everything melts back into perspective and a calmness sweeps over me.  This little one is already teaching me so much!


1. Creams and Oils – I wish I did this more religiously earlier on in my pregnancy but especially this last trimester every morning and night I lather my belly up with belly creams and oils.  You can use anything, I tried a bunch throughout the pregnancy, my favourite combo: Bio Oil & Coconut oil!
2. Maternity Spanx – Does this one even need explaining? Ladies you know why 😉
3. J Full Body Pillow – I held off buying this until I was about 4-5 months and oh my gosh I don’t know how I lived without it! If you’re expecting and don’t have one I’d highly recommend it – funny thing is I think Ko enjoyed it just as much as I did. I would actually use it in reverse supporting my back and loop it through my legs!
4. Maternity Wardrobe Staples – If you follow me on snapchat (annawithlove) you’ll have seen I wear this black dress quite often (especially now as its one of the only things that fits!) I love it and even now just a few days away from my due date its still so flattering!

Favourite places to shop for maternity clothes
Top Shop – lived in these Joni Jeans!
Old Navy – especial all their dresses
5. Bringing up Bebe – I haven’t read a ton of baby books but this one was definitely my favourite read!
and now as they say…we wait!

Lots of love,

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