Langdon Hall Babymoon

The last 7 months has been the most wonderfully busy time of my life.  It feels like time has never moved so quickly! When we found out I was expecting way back in November I knew the year ahead was going to be interesting.  As most mama’s will tell you the first trimester I was MIA, I was grateful come the second trimester when I got my energy, appetite and groove back with work.  I’m only now finally slowing down to start preparing for our sweet bebe and lighting my workloads (something I haven’t done in years…but more on that later).

We had originally planned to go somewhere warm and tropical but with the Zika outbreak this year we decided quickly against it and to play it safe and keep local.  We honestly didn’t know what or where to go and so we are incredible grateful that our friends from Amex stepped in to help us plan this lovely mini getaway! Since I’m a Platinum Cardmember, I asked our Platinum Concierege and Travel team to recommend the perfect spot and they suggested Langdon Hall in Cambridge, which is less than 2 hours away for us.  We had heard so many wonderful things about LH, we were eager to check it out! Although the weather wasn’t the greatest we made the best of it (its hard not to in such a charming place).  We laughed, relaxed, explored and enjoyed getting away from our schedules for a few days all while indulging in some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted.
Come along with us….
This man lights up my heart.
Me and the bump!
– B O O K I N G  –
Excuse me while I gush for a moment…I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t easily impressed but when it comes to service it’s rare that I’m left completely satisfied or blown away.  I don’t know why, I just always feel like people don’t take the time to go that extra little mile.  While I’ve worked with Amex before, this was the first time I booked with my own Amex Platinum Card and dealt first hand with the travel team and platinum concierge.  You guys. Oh my goodness. I don’t think i’ll plan anything again without them.  It was like having my own personal assistant and travel agent all wrapped up into one!
The travel team took care of the location and booking of the hotel room and they then passed me onto the concierge team to arrange the ‘fun’.  If you have a platinum card or are planning to get one to use this service I highly recommend it! We dealt with lovely Ms. Balla who not only took care of every detail but even sent me a 4 page document on all the other things we could do while in Cambridge.  She was so gracious and sweet especially knowing I was pregnant giving amazing recommendations to accommodate us.  The only planning for this trip I did was taking that call.  Within a few hours my itinerary and confirmations were all emailed to me.  Talk about service!
– R O A D  T R I P P I N G –
First stop: Tim Hortons & treats for the drive…
– L A N G D O N   H A L L –
This place knows how to make a good first impression! 
I kept looking around for Drake but I guess he was off enjoying over views…
Gorgeous at every turn…

Our quaint and charming Stable Room, a great recommendation from the Amex Travel Team
It was a bit too cold to enjoy our lovely outdoor patio area but I can just imagine come summer how lovely and relaxing it would be to sit out there with a glass of vino while enjoying a good read or conversation…
Once we checked in, I always love heading out to explore and scope our where we are staying (there was no shortage of beautiful things to snap at Langdon Hall…)
How stunning is this room? Copy & Paste into my life please!
Not only was the staff so kind the guests were all so sweet too! A kind woman stopped and asked if he wanted a photo together…such a treat since we rarely get one!

Couldn’t bring along with me any old camera bag to such a chic place…how adorable is this chic camera bag from Theit Bags?

Possibly my favourite area in all of Landgon Hall, the beautiful porch that made me feel like I was in the movie The Notebook.  Such a lovely spot for unwinding!

Latte for me – Espresso for him
 – S P A –

When you’re pregnant the list of activities you can partake in significantly decrease…luckily enjoying some R&R at the spa isn’t one of them!  I can’t tell you how excited we were to get a reservation at the Spa, it was initially fully booked but thanks to our girl Ms. Balla (our Amex Concierge) she was persistent and worked her magic to get us a spot! I had gotten an email from her saying it was booked and that she was going to keep checking back for cancelations and try to get us one.   By the next afternoon, an email popped into my inbox saying we were in! I was shocked, colour me impressed, that never happens! If you have a Platinum Card or plan to get one you can ask for Ms. Balla – she is the best!
Ko loves getting a massage, I actually I know he enjoys our Spa days more than I do!
Post-Massage poolside (it was a hot tub so I just enjoyed sticking my feet in…just being by water alone relaxes me)
In my happy place snapping away…
– H I G H  T E A –
Best way to relax after a morning at the spa? Beaitiful High Tea…another great recommendation from the Platinum Concierge team.  The scones were so fresh and don’t get me started on the whipped butter!

Unwinding and relaxing in our rooms in-between lunch and dinner…
It’s been so busy last few months, I haven’t had a chance to snap many bump photos.  Once we got ready for the night, we headed out to snap some before our dinner (which was absolutely incredible, not to mention we got complimentary intermezzos because Langdon Hall’s restaurant is part of Amex’s Dining Program!)
 Yay for another sweet guest who offered to snap a shot of us!

On our last day it was cold and rainy but around sunset the sun peeked out to delight us with this beautiful view…

Little rain won’t stop us…
Post-rain rays of light…
Breakfast in bed is always a good idea!
I always love ordering room service breakfast on our last morning whenever we go somewhere.  You ease into your morning before packing up to check out…
Every morning LH puts out the paper for their guest to enjoy, love those little details!
It’s all about the details…tiny blooms inside our bread basket, yes please!
Hope you all enjoyed our little baby moon!
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Lots of love,
This post was created in collaboration with American Express Canada.  All opinions are my own.