As I mentioned in this post, one of my favourite things to do (and my most popular package) are my website photoshoots also known as ‘business branding photoshoots’.  I love getting to know so many incredible women entrepreneurs who are creating a business doing what they love.  It never gets old being a part of a fun re-brand.

Meet the fabulously chic Barbara Aleks! Personal stylist, interior designer and now author of two new books “Style Your Way to Success” & “365 Style”.  I have loved watching her brand and business grow into something truly extraordinary.  What I loved about collaborating with her was how well she knew her brand and customers…it made styling and creating this shoot that much more exciting knowing it was going to serve her for a long time to come!
Keep on scrolling to get 5 awesome styling tips from Barbara….
1// It’s all about proportions …
One of the key factors to looking great is wearing the right proportions, thus creating visual balance. One easy way to look balanced is to wear a voluminous or loose top when wearing skinny or narrower bottoms and vice versa – wearing a tailored or slim fitting top with a wider bottom (like a wide leg pant or flowing skirt).  Another way to look balanced is to follow the Long Over Short / Short Over Long rule. Wear a long top or jacket (i.e. classic blazer) over short or skinny bottoms (shorts, mini skirt, skinny jeans) and a short top or jacket (i.e. cropped jacket) over long or flowing bottoms (long pants, flowing skirt, maxi dress). 
2// Start with the basics…
One way to create an outfit is to start with the basics – for example jeans and a white button down shirt. Then start layering on the pieces  – vest, cardigan, blazer or jacket on top (if required), belt, shoes and accessories. Make sure to add some colour or some bolder pieces for interest. This method is great if you don’t have a particular item to feature or if functionality is your main priority. Another way to create an outfit is to start with the “star” of the outfit first. The star is the standout, feature piece – a knockout pair of shoes, a fabulous top or statement necklace. Then start choosing items that complement the star in both colour and style. Just remember that everything else should come secondary to the star and nothing else you wear should outshine it or compete with it.
3// Don’t underestimate accessories…
The most common question I hear from women is “How do I look put together?” The answer: Accessories. Accessories can take a look from drab to fab and can complete any outfit. Many women don’t take that final and most crucial step and then feel unfinished.  Whether you’re off to work, heading out with the girls or even running errands, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. The simple act of adding just one or two pieces (some earrings, a watch, a bracelet, necklace or belt) will add pizazz to your outfit and give you a polished look.
4// The classic blazer…
A classic blazer is a great wardrobe staple. Extremely versatile, a blazer can be worn in a number of ways and paired with a variety of pieces. Use it to dress up a pair of shorts or jeans or throw it over a dress. Team it with a crisp white shirt or button it up with a camisole underneath. Fold the sleeves twice for a more relaxed version and to give your outfit a visual “lift”, or wrap a belt around the waist to show off your curves.  When shopping for a blazer make sure that it sits properly at the shoulder, that you can button it up and that there’s no excess fabric at the sides or around the back. If there is, either look for another one or get it altered to fit just right.
5//  One rule to remember when shopping…
Only purchase an item if it goes with at least 3 things in your wardrobe. If you buy a piece of clothing that can only be worn with one other piece in your closet, it’s not providing you with the opportunity to mix and match and be used a variety of different ways.  If you have limited closet space as well as limited funds, purchasing items that go with more than one piece in your wardrobe, means that you’ll be able to create more outfits from less pieces. This keeps your closet from becoming over full and your bank account from dwindling.
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