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I’m particularly excited about today’s post because this is something I get asked about on the daily.  One of my goals for the blog in 2016 is to share more with you all.  I get emails quite frequently asking for photography tips, business tips, questions about how I got started, what my favourite resources are etc.  I try to answer as many as I can but sometimes it’s impossible for me to get to every email.  I hope by doing more posts like it helps some of you step up your IG & photo editing game.

Let’s dive in!

This has been my favourite app for years.  While I have used other apps like Afterlight and VSCO but pic tap go continues to be my go-to.  With tons of filters it’s easy to customize your image to your own taste and aesthetic! The best part is once you create a custom look you can save it for future use.  TIP: ‘Lights On’ is one of my favourites!

Gone are the days when the best thing IG had was Valencia (common you know we’ve all been there).  Since doing their upgrade I’ve become obsessed with doing final tweaks to my image in IG before I post.  The brightening, highlights, shadow tools are incredible and TIP: Always sharpened your image a touch to ensure it looks crisp and perfect!
I had downloaded this to my phone probably a year ago but it wasn’t until this summer in Greece when my good friend Neal pointed out just how incredible this app was.  I was hooked. The best thing about snapseed is selective colour, you can go in and brighten an area or make a particular colour more saturated (you all know I love my colours).  Likewise you can go in an desaturate an area that is distracting.  This is such a handy app and I use it all the time.
This app was my other go-to for months. I’ve slowed down using is lately but every few months I get back into loving this app.  It’s adjustment tools are handy, it also has some great filters but what I love about this app is it’s light leaks.  Used on the right image it gives the most beautiful effect!
This is such a handy app and not for what you may think.  Although you can tweak and do some pretty extensive photoshopping with this app I opt to use it for it’s patch tool. It’s perfect for removing unwanted distractions from photos (for example, the photo above – I didn’t like that poster on the wall so I removed it from the image to keep the focus where I wanted it!). It’s always the little details that make the biggest difference.
Two Before/After’s below:

And there you have it! My Top 5 Instagram Editing apps.  I usually use 3 or more of these apps combined to create my final image.  Hope this will help some of you!

Comment below and tell me what are your favourite apps? Did I miss any you love?

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