Monday, November 23, 2015

Thrilled to release to you all today the much anticipated London Collection!  

A lot of work goes into creating each new collection, it's a long and at moments a gruelling process.  I always have two favourite moments with every collection.  The first, when I first see the final prints.  Very proud moment after staring / editing / re-editing on a screen for so long to have them in your hands.  The second is giving them all names! I'm picky and need each one to be just right.  I had a lot of fun giving these all names so hope you enjoy discovering our newest collection! 

'Duchess' & 'Tea & Crumpets' in 11x17

'London's Calling' & 'Ben' in 16x24

(comes with envelopes & space on back to write a sweet lil' note)

'I Fancy You' & 'Her Majesty' in  11x17

Duchess (20x30) & Spoonful of Sugar (8x8)

English breakfast is always a treat!

Its' all about the details...

in 20x30 matted to 24x36


Hope you enjoyed discovering the collection!

Lots of love

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  1. Beautiful collections! You capture London wonderfully!

  2. These prints are so gorgeous, I can't wait to order some! London is my favorite city! What is that London book you have opened under the Notting Hill collection?

  3. So proud of you sister! So incredible!!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your service! Im looking for professional photographer who can help me with these progs . I need to learn it for editing pictures for my blog=)


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