Oia, Santorini

Oia, like the rest of Santorini is a slice of heaven put on earth for us to enjoy.  There was so much to photograph, I don’t think I put my camera down for even a moment.  I had seen images of Santorini my entire life but being there myself seeing it all with my own eyes was a feeling I’ll never forget.  We took the bus around the island which is not but not for the light hearted – if you get dizzy easily don’t look down!

Above: Possibly one of my favourite images captured by Steph of me in my element

Travel Tip: Explore & get lost! I know I’ve said it in previous posts but getting lost and going down alleyways that seem to be leading to nowhere often lead you to the best places!

Lolita’s Gelato! 
If you are taking a bus or taxi into Oia then you will see it right where they drop you off! 

Watching the sunset in Oia was an incredible experience.  I stand by what I said about Fira having an equally beautiful sunset but what was so enjoyable about Oia was the hundreds of people that gathered together to simply watch the sunset.  It’s the event of the day.  The best part is as soon as the sun disappears into the horizon the crowd erupts with cheering and clapping.  It was such a beautiful feeling and moment to be apart of.

Travel Tip: People aren’t joking when they say get to Oia early for a good seat for the sunset! We arrived about 2 hours before and at that point there was still lots of places to snag a good spot! It gets really packed about 60-30 min before the sun goes down.  I’d recommend brining snacks & drinks to munch on while you wait for the gorgeous sun to set!  I’d also recommend to book a dinner somewhere in Oia that is along the cliff where the sun sets.  Walking back to the main town of Oia was rammed we walked around until the crowd dispersed to kill time.

This is just a little taste of Oia for now, I have so many more photographs to share but this post would have been double the length, hah!

Lots of love,

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