Continuing our tour of Versailles through my lens today.  Once we left the main palace I was again left speechless at the sheer mass of the grounds.  We explored the the main fountains and then rented bicycles to explore (they also had golf carts & segways you could rent).  We soon arrived at Marie-Antoinette’s estate aka ‘The Queens Residence’.  This alone was another “mini” palace where I learned (thanks to Kosta) she spent most of her time and rarely went to the main palace.  Like the palace everything wad dripped in gold…I can’t say I minded one bit.  One detail I couldn’t get enough of was the tassel’s on all the chandeliers in the estate (don’t you love?)

Marie was a big Billiards Fan & she had her own in her estate
The room above in particular was a favourite of mine
Above/Below: Two more images from the Palace
We grabbed a quick lunch picnic style and Kosta continued to give me history lessons…(love him)
Stay tuned for part three coming soon…
Lots of love
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