The Palace of Versailles Pt. 1

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Palace of Versailles...
It feels wonderful to be back in my creative space on the web doing one of the things I  love most, sharing photographs with you! I cannot believe that I have been holding hostage so many beautiful photographs from Europe.  Time to jump back in an re-start the journey!  We begin in Versailles...

I had been to Paris four times before taking the trip out to Versailles.  I was so excited, I had heard so many wonderful things about the palace and no matter how many photographs I saw I knew it would blow me away in person. We arrived bright and early about an hour before the palace opened.  First Impressions? I was speechless. I had never seen anything as opulent and grand.  Every inch of the palace was dripped in gold...
One of the many things I love about my Mr. is that he is a huge history buff...he's my own personal tour guide whenever we go to museums.  I snap away and he gives me the info (perfect set up right?) Needless to say he was mesmerized by the palace...

Was lucky to get to the Hall of Mirrors before it was crowded by fellow tourists.  I have never snapped away so quickly in my life.  I knew I had about 2 minutes before more people arrived.
Camera Bag: THE BROOKLYN by ONA Bags (my favourite!)

 Marie Antoinette's bedroom in the palace (she had another "small" palace within the grounds where she spent most of her time) Below: Her jewelry box and I use the term "box" loosely here...
 So many mirrors so little time...

Stay tuned for part two coming soon...

Lots of love

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  1. Love these photos so much!!

  2. Meraviglioso reportage, ogni foto è speciale!
    Complimenti anche per la nuova veste del blog!
    Molto bella e tanti auguri per la tua attività! ciao Cri : )

  3. Gosh these photos are amazing! I have to ask, what camera and what lens do you use?

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