I am so excited to share with you all the new home of Annawithlove Photography!
*pops champagne*
The day is finally here for the big unveiling of our exciting re-brand/luanch of Annawithlove Photography!  I have been dreaming of this for what feels like an eternity and now that it’s actually here I’m having a TON of “pinch me” moments.  No more website shame! *hooray!!*
Love going out to the crazy talented GO LIVE team! So many emotions go into doing a re-brand of your business.  Many of us solopreneurs are so close & attached to our businesses that it’s both liberating and petrifying to hand that over to other creatives to make your vision a reality.  So many people to thank for helping me with the process of getting every little detail *just right*! I’ll start with my incredibly talented designer Liz, my girl Janine for my killer copy! You guys rocked my world!
Although the actual “design” part of the re-brand has been about 2 (intense) weeks, the process of the re-brand & planning has been in the works for months.  There are a lot of amazing people in my life who have supported me since day one with heaps of support and love.  Today as I take the next step in the right direction I’m humbled and deeply grateful to them & to all of you who have followed me along this crazy fun journey! 

If you haven’t noticed I’m a big ball of mush today.  Warning I’m about to go all mushy for a moment…consider yourselves forewarned 😉 To my beautiful friends & besties who despite child birth, raising babies, pregnancies & having demanding jobs themselves still sent waves of constant check up calls, messages of excitement and encouragement counting down to today.  Beyond lucky to have you ladies in my life!  My family, who as they’ve always been was crazy awesome & patient with me being glued to my phone the last 2 weeks going back n’ forth with Liz to get everything “just right” for launch day.  My SS! aka Steph for all the endless phone calls, messages, guidance & help throughout the entire process.  For coming over to help style the fabulous landing page……the AWL website Godmother right here folks! Couldn’t have done it without you! And of course my partner in crime my one & only Mr. who as always is the greatest and biggest blessing in my life none of it would be possible without him….Alrighty enough of the sap fest (you’d think I just won an Oscar or something?!? lol) time to POP champagne, celebrate and dance on the tables…just kidding I gotta get back to work but hey, its launch day so guess I can sip some bubbly while I edit right? 😉
I hope you all enjoy browsing through the site!

BIG LOVE & THANKS to all of you!

Ps. To celebrate the launch I’m giving away a ton of fab goodies over on Instagram all week long! You won’t want to miss it! XO