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Friday, December 11, 2015

There are a few things that go hand in hand with the holidays and Ferrero Rocher is simply one of them.  I'm so excited to be teaming up with my friends and collaborators over at Ferrero Rocher again this year to be apart of their holiday campaign!  Last year I baked and dined with my friends and Mr. but this year I was in for a treat when I was asked to come on set to be both infront and behind of the camera to capture some behind the scenes.  

Ferrero Rocher just launched their interactive website where you have the chance to win a bunch of incredible prizes (seriously, there are some amazing giveaways) so click here to explore and click around.  You may also find some fun video's with yours truly in them talking about home decor tips and what I love about the holidays!

Explore Ferrero Rocher's interactive website where you can enter to win
so many fun prizes!

I love how beautiful the packaging is, perfect for doubling up as decor!

Psst, these stylish marble boards are one of the prizes!

The mother of all Ferrero Rochers's...we are saving this one for Christmas Day

- ON SET -
behind the scenes, shoot day

Hint: You could win these gold shadow boxes!

So much love to Ferrero Rocher for having back for another year of delicious fun!

Below:  One of the behind the scenes videos..sneaking Ferrero Rocher's on set ;)
(watch more here)


Lots of love,

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Diamond Rings...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's no secret that I adore collaborating with my creative bestie Stephanie (who is no stranger the blog).  As some of you know while we were traveling together this summer her boyfriend Neal proposed in Santorini! It was such a romantic and magical moment which my Mr. & I were happy to be apart of.  As she approaches her big day I cannot wait to watch her walk down that aisle and marry the love of her life.  I was asked to come on board to photograph this fun collaboration between her & Birks.  It was a fun afternoon filled with diamonds, blooms & champagne...yup, totally on brand & in my element.  Scroll through to see a few of the images and click here to see the full feature and details on Steph's blog.

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#100hrs in London & Paris

Friday, December 4, 2015

In celebration of 100 years in the travel business, American Express helped Stephanie and I with planning an ideal 100 hour travel experience in London and Paris.  We worked with their Amex Travel and Platinum Concierge team on curating the most amazing experience.  They knew exactly what to recommend from restaurants to hotels in the best locations.  

Come along & experience our 100 hours in London & Paris!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Cyber Monday friends!

I'm really excited about today's post.  I had an absolute blast creating these for you and thinking this will definitely become a yearly tradition around here!  I guess you could say I'm having a little Oprah moment & wanted to share with you all my absolute favourite things I'm coveting this year.  Truthfully a lot of these items I've been obsessed with for years!  I hope this gives you some great gifting ideas - enjoy!

Of course above Emily Ley's Simplified Planner this will be my 3rd year using these planners and I la-la-love them! Switched it up this year from the usual Happy Stripe to the sweet polka-dots!

Okay. Let's to this. Happy Scrolling!
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Our annual Black Friday sale is LIVE and it's our biggest sale we've ever hosted!

Coupon Code: SANTA

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Few weeks ago I teamed up with the incredible Benefit Canada team and Krystin Lee to create two glamourous party looks.  I feel very fortunate to be able to collaborate with such amazing brands and it's always a treat when I've been a fan of the brand for years.  I have been in love with Benefit since I could remember.  Their fun packaging and incredible products have always kept me coming back.  I have been using their waterproof mascara for YEARS, it's the only thing that doesn't bug my eyes. 
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Thrilled to release to you all today the much anticipated London Collection!  

A lot of work goes into creating each new collection, it's a long and at moments a gruelling process.  I always have two favourite moments with every collection.  The first, when I first see the final prints.  Very proud moment after staring / editing / re-editing on a screen for so long to have them in your hands.  The second is giving them all names! I'm picky and need each one to be just right.  I had a lot of fun giving these all names so hope you enjoy discovering our newest collection! 
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Life in Photos

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Getting glammed up with Honey.  This corset top is perfect for holiday parties!
Top | Pants | Shoes 
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Friday, November 13, 2015


Our brand new print packs are now available!  We are introducing a new size (5x7) featuring a selection of our most popular Paris & NYC prints.  I love these print packs because they are perfect for creating a fun gallery wall without breaking the bank.  Whether you're a college student and want to glam up your dorm or a home owner who wants to fill up a wall, these packs are the perfect solution!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Few weeks ago Kosta & I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe two years has already passed, it feels like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle to him.  It was no lie what I said in this post, I still get butterflies when I hear him call me his wife and smile to myself despite my best efforts to keep it cool.  Nonetheless time has flown by, but that's what happens as you get older I suppose, life gets busier and time moves faster.  That's why we do our best to really enjoy the little in-between moments in life; ones that have no significance to anyone else but the two people sharing in it.
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Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm so excited to share with you all a fun project I've been working on in collaboration with Michael Kors.  The idea behind this project was to capture a few signature MK pieces in my favourite areas around Toronto (how fun is that?).  Very excited to reveal some of the final images.  This was such an enjoyable project combining my photography with some of my favourite spots in Toronto.  Keep on scrolling to discover what they are...


Whether you want to shop in beautiful boutique stores, enjoy a cup of coffee or eat at some of the best restaurants in Toronto, distillery district is a little slice of Europe in city.  I love it for it's narrow alleyways and cobblestone roads.  My favourite time of year at the Distillery is around the Holidays where it becomes more like the North Pole in more ways than one (see below!)

Bag - Selma Saffiano in Navy



High Park is beautiful in every season. The spring for its gorgeous cherry blossoms, the summer for escaping the hot steamy city, the winter for its white wonderland & the fall for feeling like you're stepping into a Monet painting filled with warm brilliant hues.  I chose this location because I love fall picnics especially around Thanksgiving.  Grab someone you love, lots of cozy blankets, delicious food and sit and watch the leaves fall...

Bag - Jamie Saddle Bag



Casa Loma is one of the most beautiful places in the city.  Truth be told, as I a child I was petrified of the castle (this was thanks to my father who came on a school field trip with us in elementary school and decided it was a good idea to hide in an eerie hallway only to jump out and scare my friends and I.  I was so scared for the rest of tour.  As I got older I could appreciate the hilarity of my dad's prank & it's one of those childhood memories you think of from time to time & laugh).  Casa Loma is truly something special, if you haven't been I'd definitely recommend it!

Bag - Sutton Satchen in Natural



Although I'm not an alumni of UofT, one of my best friends is.  I remember visiting her at the campus  and being in awe of its grandeur (the fact that it looks like Hogwats was just an added bonus).  Arguably one of most beautiful campus' in Ontario, there is such an great energy around St. George campus that makes you want to get to work & be productive.  I love this beautiful cherry backpack from MK, it's perfect way to add something chic & elegance to your school wardrobe! 
My favourite time of year to visit the campus is in the Fall.

Bag - Rhea Backpack in Cherry


Audrey says Paris is always a good idea. I say Colette is always a good idea.  Not long after this cafe & restaurant open did it become a quick favourite of mine (if you've been following me for a while this will be of no surprise as it's been the backdrop to a lot of fun projects).  From the decadent desserts to their steak friets Colette always gets it right.  My favourite area? Of course the cafe because of its beautiful blue booths & decor.  It's the only place in Toronto that for a moment I can pretend I'm in Paris.

Bag - Ava Saffiano Satchel - Ballet Pink


Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed the collaboration plus getting a peek inside some of my favourite areas in the city.

Lots of love,

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Friday, October 9, 2015

If you follow me on social you'll know that last month I attended my first New York Fashion week!  I was brought on board by Stephanie & Tresemme to photograph all the 'looks' throughout the week plus put together a fun behind the scenes video.  I've wanted to attend NYFW for a long time and getting to go with one of my best gals made it even sweeter! I loved running around from shows to backstage to our next photoshoot location & stopping whenever we had a moment to indulge in our favourite spots.  These were some of my favourite shoots I've ever done with Stephanie.
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

During our stay in Mykonos we were treated by Discover Greece to a lovely evening out in the town. The restaurant they selected for us was the beautiful organic bistro restaurant called 'nice n easy'.  Let me start by saying, this was some of the best food we ate during our entire month in Greece.  Nice n easy combines elements of Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on high quality farm-to-table ingredients.  The owner Dimitris Christofordis, greeted us like old friends and the staff was so warm and inviting.  As if that wasn't enough the location of the restaurant is right in the heart of little venice making the backdrop for our evening perfection.  Keep on scrolling but warning it may make you hungry! ;)
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mykonos, Greece

This was my second time visiting the beautiful island of Mykonos.  It is the island that never sleeps! If you follow me on snapchat you may have remembered a snap I took of Kosta & I walking early in the morning to take some photographs (around 8am).  There were still people inside after hour bars singing & dancing from the night before! Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands with so much to offer.  Whatever you feel like doing, you can find somewhere to do that in Mykonos.  The shops in the town are up till 2am you can shop drink dance and relax whenever you please.  I hope you enjoy this little slice of Mykonos...

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Kouros Hotel, Mykonos Town

This was my second trip to Mykonos & I was so excited to visit again to capture it's beauty.  People say New York is the city that never sleeps well Mykonos is the island that literally never sleeps!  We fell in love with Kouros Hotel the minute we found it on  We loved that it was walking distance from the main town but also secluded to give us relaxation vibe during the day!  The rooms were incredibly spacious, spotless and designed to perfection...our room even had turquoise patio furniture!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oia, Santorini

Oia, like the rest of Santorini is a slice of heaven put on earth for us to enjoy.  There was so much to photograph, I don't think I put my camera down for even a moment.  I had seen images of Santorini my entire life but being there myself seeing it all with my own eyes was a feeling I'll never forget.  We took the bus around the island which is not but not for the light hearted - if you get dizzy easily don't look down!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fira, Santorini

I absolutely loved staying in Fira, so much beauty to discover at every turn.  I felt like I would walk the same path and everyday discover something new that I had missed the day before.  That's when I know I'm in a special don't blink when exploring & don't be afraid to turn down paths that don't seem to be leading anywhere...that's where you'll find amazing gems to capture! 
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome to Anteliz Suites...

This past summer Kosta & I were lucky enough to spend one month in Greece! One of the highlights? Finally visiting Santorini!! We were so excited to be joined by our close friends Stephanie & Neal for what would turn out to be a very memorable trip.  Right from the moment we set foot on the island it took our breaths away.   It felt like we were looking at a postcard all day long. The four of us got together a few months before our departure date to search for the best hotel for all of our first times in Santorini.  We wanted it to be perfect & luckily we found the best hotel in Fira, Anteliz Suites! We booked through (I love this site and has been my personal favourite for booking our travel for years).  Anteliz Suites is one of those 5 star hotels with so much heart.  It's family run which makes you feel so at home and comfortable.  I can safely say that we have never had better service anywhere we've stayed.  Anteliz knows hospitality and how to make you truly feel like it's your home away from home.  The staff, the service, the food, the rooms exceeded all our expectations.  I cannot say enough good things about this hotel & the people behind it.  Keep on scrolling to discover the beauty yourself...

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I am 27 years old & I LOVE my age.

Somewhere around 23 a funny thing happened, I realized I wasn't looking forward to my birthday anymore.  I was excited, but there was a sting in the pitt of my stomach and a quiet voice kept echoing "you're getting older".  I started working full time very young, so was used to being told 'you're so mature for your age' or 'wow, you're only "x" and you're doing this already?' As I got older I couldn't really use my age to surprise and delight others and on more than a few occasions someone would say to me "its all down hill after 25"...I remember thinking, seriously?! I'm still so young? Give me break! 25 seemed to be that magical number, where according to a few I was aparently doomed.  Despite my best efforts, these words seeped into my belief system and among close friends we would often express our disappointment for getting older (of course to those older than us we sounded ludicrous) but we believed it.  Life as we knew it was changing quickly and forever.  Then, I somehow came across a quote that would change my mentality around growing older forever.  It's an oldie but a goodie and went something like this: 'Don't regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many'.  That stopped me in my tracks.  I remember feeling so ashamed for ever uttering a word of distain for growing older.  So simple and so beautiful. Growing older is a privileged denied to many.  We shouldn't take it for granted but be grateful for every day we are alive and well.  Knowing this story, you can imagine my delight when Lancome invited me to be apart of the 'Love Your Age' campaign.  This message is something I believe in deeply.  I am incredibly proud and grateful to be apart of this video, among some very talented ladies! 

Click play below to watch the video:


Come behind the scenes of shoot day! I flew into Montreal and went straight to the studio for the video shoot.  I've been on a lot of sets in my day and have never worked with such a kind, sweet and loving team of people! I loved meeting, chatting and laughing with the other women who were part of the project. 
some of the incredible crew, loved them!

My mother always used to say: You can skimp on clothes or shoes but you never skimp on your beauty products.  Lancome has been one of my favourite brands for years. I have the incredibly sensitive skin so finding the right products has always been somewhat of a challenge.  I have been using Lancome's Duo eye make up remover for years and it is the only make up remover that doesn't sting my eyes or make my skin break out (trust me, I've done the painful legwork).  Since our video shoot I have fallen equally in love with the Génifique youth activating concentrate & youth activating eye illuminator.  Just after a few days using them my skin felt and looked healthier and brighter.  Last week I had a 19 hour journey back to Toronto from Greece (3 flights).  Once we finally got home I applied both the concentrate and illuminator on my eyes and the next more I felt brand new again! I love how gentle they feel on my skin and that you can see a difference right away!

Ready to embrace & #LoveYourAge? Lancome will donate $3  to the Look Good Feel Better foundation for every person who proudly declares their age! Join in and declare your age here: 

This post was created in collaboration with Lancome Canada.  All opinions are my own.

Let's stay connected!

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