In case you don’t follow me on Instagram and don’t know, Ko and I have been in NY for the last week running around the city taking photographs for a brand new collection to hit the shop this fall (!!!)  Had a wonderfully exhausting and beautiful time.  I posted my adventures as much as I could via IG, but had soo many leftover and I don’t want to keep them hostage on my iPhone!  Hope you enjoy all the below snapshots from out trip!

BIG love and loads of gratitude going out to my incredible Mr. who came with me on the trip.  I am so thankful and grateful for him everyday but especially after NYC.  Would not have been able to physically and mentally do it without him by my side! Carrying around heavy camera equipment, in hot hot hot weather all day long can get pretty tiring and lonely unless you have someone awesome to share it with and laugh with!  We did manage to take one evening off to hit Broadway to see “Of Mice of Men”…highly recommend it! Incredible story and incredible acting (and yes, was so exciting to see James Franco in the flesh!)
Hoep you all enjoyed the behind the scenes snapshots from my iPhone from NYC!
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