She sang into the sunset…

Certain photoshoots leave a mark and change you forever.  This was one of those shoots.  I have known Kristine for almost all my life so when she approached me about taking new portraits of her to represent her new direction in her signing career I knew I had to nail it.  She is one of the most naturally beautiful people I know both inside and out.  We can go from having a deep heart to heart to laughing hysterically in about 30 seconds.  This photoshoot was done almost a year ago to the date  and I cannot believe I haven’t shared them until now!  The final look was the mermaid sequin gown,  I knew from the beginning I wanted this look along the water right as the sun was about to set.  Possibly my deep love of all things Disney but was definitely channelling my inner Little Mermaid 🙂 As soon as we got all the shots I needed I asked Kristine to sing as I switched my camera to record some video footage.  She has one of the most beautiful voices in the world…soothing, full of emotion and powerful.   She sang as the sun set into the horizon and tears trinkled down my cheek.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.

 “How could something cause me to feel passion, humanity, compassion, sadness and happiness all in the same breathless moment? I was enlightened and inspired” – Kristina Victoria
Huge love and thanks to the incredible creative team for the shoot!
Make Up: Dessi Sioutis
Styling: Audra Harris and Emma Harris
big love to our dear friend Christina Mangas for assisting on the shoot day!

Quote of the day:
Never give up hope.  You’re going to do great things.  I already know
– Sidewalk Prophets
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