A few months ago I was asked by one of my oldest childhood friends Joanne Babalis to come and speak to her kindergarten class about photography and snap some fun photographs while I was there. I was so excited, I had only seen Joanne’s classroom through her Instagram and knowing Joanne’s passion and deep love for teaching, creativity and arts & crafts I knew I was in for a treat.  But what awaited me when I arrived went beyond anything I could have imagined.  I didn’t walk into a kindergarten classroom I walked into a magical kids wonderland.  I was speechless.

This blew my mind, rainbow coloured mason jars filled with supplies!

When we were kids Joanne and I would lock ourselves up in the basement and do arts and crafts all day long.  I remember coming home and explaining to my parents how I needed an art table too just like Joanne’s! lol luckily my parents have supported my creativity since I was a child and they turned a corner of our unfinished basement into my little art area.

Joanne taught and inspired me so much as a kid, walking into her kindergarten classroom was like walking back into my childhood.  An explosion of creativity, fun and wonder.  I could see how much her students absolutely adored her (oh my gosh what a cute bunch of kids!) and it made me proud to see that she is still inspiring creativity into all her students just as she did for me.

 Making mini engagement rings for the little girls in the class for the big wedding!
 You all know this was my favourite part? Frozen! Joanne also plays disney soundtracks throughout the day and the kids would stop and sing along…my favourite was when “let it go” came on and all the kids starting singing along…perfection!
Two IG snaps from the day, the kids asked the cutest questions about photography and then I let them all take a photo of Joanne! 
Not sure about you but I bet every kid wants their kindergarten classroom to be like this one! Hope you all enjoyed 🙂
Lots of love,
Pssst!! Did you know the kids put on a little wedding while I was there? Cuteness overload!
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