Palm Springs Kaftan Party

Palm Springs Inspired Kaftan Partay!  

Beyond excited to share the final photographs from our collaboration with Kaftan Iman Designs today!  I think this was the biggest collab I’ve been a part of.  Having both Tiffany and myself behind the camera and IN the shoot was a lot of fun but also interesting & challenging in a good way.  Everyone on this project wore several “hats” to make it all work! Steph & Tiff grabbed my camera to assist with the shots I was in, the ones we were all inwell a tripod and timer did the trick (a lot of outtakes and ever more outbursts from all of us laughing so hard).  Everyone on this project worked together to get the final vision to come to life.  So grateful to know and to be able to work with such talented, kind and loving women.  This shoot was a labour of love and I think it shows through the photographs.  A BIG thank you to Iman Designs for the beautiful Kaftas!  And finally BIG love and thanks to my make-up & hair duo Debbie Sioutis and Manny Dimi who glamed us all up!

Kaftans: Iman Designs  |   Styling / Art Direction: Tiffany Pratt  |   Photography: Yours Truly  |  Hair: Manny Dimi   |   Make up:   Debbie Sioutis 
Big love and thanks to The Glitter Guide for featuring the photoshoot today! 
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– Mark Twain
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