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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Top 5 series continues with 5 of my favourite mugs!  Can't say I have just ONE favourite, these ones below are part of my weekly rotation.  I do have a bit of an addiction with buying new mugs, and it takes me longer than necessary in the morning to pick which mug I'd like to start my day off with.  I take into account what my mood is, what I'll be working on for the day, nail polish colour...if it clashes it will annoy me every time I reach and pick it up to take a sip.  I know, I know, ridiculous and crazy but I did it subconsciously until Kosta asked what I was doing when he walked into the kitchen and I was eyeing down the cabinet of mugs then I realized just what I was doing and laughed at myself.  I know I can't be the only one!  I don't just make things look nice/pretty for Instagram or the blog, I live in it day in and out. Little things like that brighten my day.  I'm a photographer, we're a visual bunch.

The Classic.  'Paris is always a good idea' from Chapters/Indigo
 My Mantra.  'Eat Cake for Breakfast' by Katespade from The Bay
The Perfect Colours.  I have a large Pantone Mug collection these two (above/below) are definitely my favourites.  Available online at Pantone
 Polka Dot Mug by Kate Spade from The Bay

Happy Friday all :)

Lots of love,

Quote of the day:
“You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might just might find you get what you need”
- Rolling Stones


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  1. I love your pretty mugs! All styled to perfection of course. You have a great eye Anna :-)
    Daisy xo

  2. Your mugs are sooo cute!! Love the Eat Cake For Breakfast one the most!!


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