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Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday all!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I had some news to share today, so here it is! :)

I'm opening up a new home for the fine art shop and to celebrate it's launch releasing a brand new fine art collection of my beloved Paris!  This has been in the works since August so you can imagine how excited I am that it's all starting to come together and that I can finally start sharing it with you all...

Here are 6 sneak peeks into The Paris Collection…there so many more and I cannot wait to release them but until then, I hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes video of Kosta & I in Paris!

Mixing a little work and play this was the my fifth time in Paris and Kosta's 1st...I was so excited to bring my favourite person in the world to my favourite place in the world…I'll cherish the memories made on this trip forever

This one's for you…the ones (like me) who dream of Paris...

Thank you all so much for your love & support, really means the world to me!

Go to and sign up so you'll be the first to know when the new shop & collection is live!

Lots of love,



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  1. Anna, I am so happy for you! Love all of your pics and that video! So cute!


  2. Anna, that video is beyond beautiful and filled with love and I cannot wait to see all your new prints, I will be purchasing some for sure!


    Five Minute Style

  3. I just got goosebumps watching that video! I am SO proud of you, this collection is going to be such a hit, love you! XOXO

  4. Anna you are fabulous! That chanel print is so good! Congrats on this exciting new chapter for you

  5. Atta girl!! That video gave me serious heart ache. SO excited for you though!!

  6. Such a lovely video and such a great blog. Dear Anna I am looking forward to your new beginnings :-) xo Katerina (aka


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