Very happy to finally share these photographs of a very special and talented woman. Seema Sodha! This lady has a gift.  When she first reached out to me, I knew straight away we would hit it off and that taking a new set of photographs for her new website was going to be too much fun to call work.  What I wasn’t expecting was just how inspiring Seema is.  Her positive attitude and outlook on life was a breath of fresh air…I really didn’t want her to leave at the end of the shoot!  She gets the party started!
Seema has this way of making you feel like you are the most special person in the room and that you can accomplish anything.  I mentioned above that her positive attitude was like none other? Well…as we were driving to the last location to complete her shoot which was in an outdoor beautiful park, it started to downpour.  Not just rain, I’m talking downpour.  We pulled up into the parking lot of the park and I looked at Seema and said we may have to go to our plan B location.  Seema looked at me and smiled and said NOPE! It’s going to stop, let’s just wait 10 min…..10 min later, not stopping, however Seema was cheery and positive. It’s going to stop, 15 more min.  Just five minutes later…the rain suddenly just stops…and not only does it stop but the SUN comes out shinning like a beautiful summer day.  My jaw dropped and I looked at Seema was said NO WAY! Will never forget that or the power of positive thinking.  It was such a privilege meeting Seema and I feel honoured to have taken her new portraits for her fabulous new website!
Head on over to her site now & be sure to check out her free resource page where she shares her top books, inspirational videos and so much more!
Quote of the day:
“Stop surviving.  Start Thriving!”
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