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Friday, January 31, 2014

Introducing a new series to the blog today TOP 5! I've been wanting to do a little series like this for a while, a place where I can share a few of my current favourite things.  Hope you enjoy it!

TOP 5 Coffee Table Books
Up first is my top 5 favorite coffee table books (as of right now).  I get a lot of Q's via instagram about what the names of the books are so decided to dedicate my first top 5 to this.  If you've been following along annawithlove for a while you'll know I have a weakness for beautiful coffee table books, every chance I get I buy one.  At the end of the day all I want to do is turn off my computer not look at any electronic decided and dive into a book filled with visual inspiration.


Audrey, in a word: Perfection.  This book is perfect for any Audrey lover.  I don't think I'd ever get sick of looking at photographs of her.  Grace and elegance this book is filled with beautiful quotes, iconic photographs of Audrey & also a few not so well-known photographs of the star.

After I watched the HBO Documentary I was itching to get my hands on this book.  An interesting look at the fashion editor's role throughout the years and plenty of behind the scenes photos (which of course I love).  Below one of my favourite photographs from Annie Leibovitz. 

Tim..what is there really to say about Tim? He has been one of my favourite photographers for as long as I can remember.  Looking through this book is like being transported to wonderland.  His genius always inspires me to push the limits in my own photography.  All his sets and props are life sizes no photoshop etc…talk about bringing your A game! 

#2 Bazaar Greatest Hits
Confession: Bazaar is my favourite fashion magazine.  Of course Vogue is a close second but Bazaar just does it for me.  This is one of the first coffee table books I ever bought and I still flip through it weekly.  Such iconic and memorable photoshoots, it always puts a smile on my face and get's those creative juices flowing.

#1 Kate Spade | things we love
And my #1 favourite coffee table book…are you really surprised? Kate Spade, things we love! This book is happiness on every page, stunning photographs, beautiful design, bright bold colours and cheeky copy.  Everything I love in one beautiful place.

And now I want to go spend an hour or two with these beautiful books ;)
Hope you all enjoyed it!

Lots of love,

Quote of the day:
“Design is thinking made visual”
Saul Bass


Come & join me...


  1. Already loving this series! Coffee Table Book hoarders ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Coffee table books are my obsession, too! I obviously love the Kate Spade one, but I'm equally obsessed with Audrey in Rome, Robert Doisneau's Paris. And I even consider some cookbooks as coffee table books, so I have plenty of those, too :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

    1. Ivana, you are so right - some of the cookbooks seem to pretty to just "cook" with! lol XO

  4. Inspiring reads here!

    1. Thank you Marsha! :) Lots of love to you!

  5. Great post! I definitely needed this since I just moved! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute | @TheAJMinute

  6. definitely flawless book selection! :)


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